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Top 10 Features That Make a Great Cloud Phone System 

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A cloud phone system can bring a business into the future. The features and functions of a cloud phone system can not only improve the customer relations of a business, but also the bottom line. Below, we will go over 10 great features of a cloud phone system. However, keep in mind that these ten features are just the tip of the iceberg, and many more benefits can be found when using a cloud phone.  

What is a Cloud Phone? 

A cloud phone is telephony through internet lines as opposed to traditional copper wires. A cloud phone is also called a VoIP phone. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Telephony through the internet carries many more possibilities than traditional phone lines.  

Top Ten Features of Cloud Phone Systems 

A cloud phone allows users to not only improve day-to-day communications functionality but also gain insights on phone usage. Although the following features are not ALL features offered by cloud solutions, these ten features are some of the most beneficial for businesses.  

1 Mobility 

Cloud phones function by using the internet. That means any device that receives the internet can support these services. Many of these systems come with softphone capabilities through an included app that can be installed on mobile devices, which means employees can work from anywhere with internet access. 

2 Administrator Portal 

The administrator portal included with cloud phone systems allows the owner to have complete control over your solution. This means the administrator can perform a wide variety of functions as well as set call rules, including which phones ring and in which order.   

3 Call Analytics 

Along with setting call rules, cloud phones allow the administrator to see call analytics. Call analytics can help owners and managers make informed business decisions. Using call analytics to properly staff and train employees can lead to better customer experience and improved business processes. 

4 Integrations 

Integration with existing systems is one of the most valuable features of cloud-based communications. Depending on the provider and the system, businesses can enjoy a fully integrated phone system that improves day-to-day operations.  

5 Messaging 

85% of smartphone users prefer text messages from businesses to any other form of communication. This means that businesses can improve their relationships with customers as well as improve their reputation if they utilize messaging.  

6 Auto Attendant 

Auto attendants are a fantastic way to ensure customer phone calls are sent to the correct representative or department. Menus and messages are completely customizable through the administrator’s portal.  

7 Scalability 

The past few years have shown us just how important it is to go with the ebbs and flows of the business. Some businesses have had to downsize while others have been able to grow. A cloud-based phone system is very scalable and can support growing and shrinking companies easily.  There is no need to run extra lines in time of growth, nor are there any hidden fees, easily accommodating any unexpected changes.  

8 Security 

The security of your proprietary information and customer information is of utmost importance. Thankfully, this solution comes with built-in security that will ease the worry of leaked information.  

9 Low Maintenance 

Unlike traditional phone lines, cloud-based phones are relatively maintenance-free. Also, when any issues arise, a quick troubleshooting phone call can be made to the service provider. A great service provider will be there for you to walk you through any troubles that may come up without needing a costly maintenance visit from a technician.  

10 Reliability 

The final feature we are discussing could be one of the most important. The reliability of a cloud phone outweighs the reliability of a traditional phone line immensely. This solution is supported by geo-redundant networks. That means if an unpredicted obstacle takes out the local power supply, your business is still in business. The fail-over switch will take over and keep your service up and running, even in the time of disaster.  

Cloud Phones with a Great Service Provider 

Here at Unitel, we know that no two businesses are alike. Therefore, no two businesses will use the same cloud phone feature in the same way. We would love to work with you to show you the full potential of our cloud phone system.  

Our cloud phone system can be used for businesses of all sizes. If you would like to learn more about how we can help improve your business through cloud phones, contact us today.