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5 Best Practices for Upgrading to UCaaS 

Work Team Upgrading To UCaaS

We know how important it is to you to make the right choice for your business communications. So, when you decide on upgrading to UCaaS, you need to be sure you made the best decision possible. Upgrading to UCaaS doesn’t need to be difficult. The following best practices can make your transition as smooth as possible.  

5 Best Practices for Upgrading to UCaaS 

To help ensure a smooth transition when upgrading to UCaaS, we’ve listed 5 best practices that will help facilitate your upgrade to UCaaS.  

Best Practice 1: Assess  

The first thing you need to do when introducing or upgrading UCaaS to your business is to assess the current situation. What programs and products do your current employees use on a regular basis? Do they mostly collaborate with each other? Are they assisting customers most of the day? Do they use voice, email, or messaging more? Understanding what your employees need will help you prioritize the features of the UCaaS solution.  

Best Practice 2: Be Choosy 

Did you know that you can pick and choose which features that your company will utilize? There is nothing that says that your company and employees have to use all the features included with your UCaaS solution.  

Once you have assessed what your employees need, work with your provider so they understand the features that your business needs. Start with those features. As you and your employees start to master your UCaaS solution, you can begin to add more features in if and when you choose.  

Best Practice 3: Write it Down 

As you begin to implement your UCaaS solution, be sure to document as you go. When you write down any issues that arise, you can have those needs met by your provider. For example, if you forgot how to customize the menu for your phone, you will need to talk to your provider for help or training. If you don’t write it down, you may forget, and it could be weeks or months before you get the assistance you need.  

Best Practice 4: Transparency 

Truly great leaders are transparent with their employees. If you are about to make a substantial change within your company, i.e. upgrading to UCaaS, you should let your employees know. Offering information in the form of a timeline with launch dates, training dates, and implementation plans can help streamline the transition. You should also encourage feedback from your employees so you can address issues right away.  

Best Practice 5: All Aboard 

When you upgrade to UCaaS, you will need to migrate the whole team as quickly as possible. Leaving some employees in an outdated system or using several different solutions can cause frustration.  

Unitel Can Help You Upgrade 

If you need more information about upgrading to UCaaS, call a provider like Unitel. They have highly trained professionals that specialize in UCaaS waiting to help you out. And don’t hesitate to ask questions about policies and procedures that we use to help you migrate to UCaaS!