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7 Awesome Office Phone System Features 

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Finding the right office phone system features for your business can be difficult, especially when you’re not sure what is right for you – both now and in the future. You don’t want to purchase a phone system with features that you won’t use. And you don’t want to invest in a phone system that’s too basic, requiring multiple add-ons that will strain your budget. That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a short list of office phone system features that every business should have. 

Automated Attendant 

Also known as a virtual receptionist, this feature should come standard with any virtual PBX offering. It is a menu system that greets callers and helps them get where they need to go via automated routing – whether it’s the customer service department or a specific employee. Nearly all automated attendants can be managed online, allowing you to customize your greetings and your menu options as often as you please. 

Voicemail Plus 

All office phone systems have basic voicemail capabilities. But not all voicemails are created equal. Be sure to look for a system that not only takes voicemail but logs the call and sends a reminder and transcript of the message to your email. Having these extra features allows your employees to stay on top of their communication no matter where they are.  

Conference Calling 

One of the hallmarks of a top-notch phone system is the ability to add multiple participants to one phone call with just a click of a button. It allows your employees the flexibility to bring another person into a conversation to answer some questions, provide clarity on an offering, or approve a new deal. Conference calling is a necessity for employees who are involved in inter-office teams or who handle group sales calls frequently.  

Multiple Line Support 

Multiple line support is a must-have office phone system feature. Multiple line support means your system allows its users to handle two or more calls at the same time, as well as place calls on hold, dial internal and external numbers, and return to the line seamlessly. Most, if not all, systems have this feature but be wary! Many providers have limits to the number of concurrent calls a line can handle at once, so be sure you ask about that before committing to a phone system.  

On-Hold Music and Recordings  

Keeping your customers engaged while they’re being transferred or forwarded is crucial to a positive customer experience. Thankfully, there are some stellar VoIP phone systems that allow unlimited customization of music and messages, provide do-it-yourself recording capabilities, and have a simple online interface to manage it all. Giving you a way to keep customers from giving up before they reach the right associate. 

Call Announcements 

While this phone system feature is relatively new, it’s quickly become a favorite for businesses that route multiple calls to one extension. The virtual phone system will announce to the user which extension the caller selected – whether through the auto attendant or the directory. This allows your employees to answer the call with confidence or send it straight to your corporate voicemail.  

Contact Center Capability 

This office phone system feature is less of a singular feature and more of a collection of features. Contact centers need to handle high volumes of calls efficiently and correctly all while making sure the callers feel cared for. In order to do this, they need to have office phone system features that allow them to receive unlimited concurrent calls, route and forward calls to the correct department or extension, customize hold messages and music, and more. Many providers will offer this as a separate add-on, but the best ones provide these bundles of features right out of the gate.

Find What Fits You 

Of course, before you do any purchasing, be sure you do your research! Consider taking a survey and asking your employees what kind of features would help them do their job better. Some of your employees may be fine with a standard phone package while others would benefit from additional features like video calling, instant messaging, and more. 

Get The Office Phone System Features You Need 

At Unitel, we want you to be able to pick the bells and whistles you want and need at a price you can afford. That’s why we created Unitel CloudPBX, an office phone system that comes equipped with all the necessary features plus a whole lot more. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our talented team for more information!