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The Big Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System

woman using the benefits of a cloud-based phone system

If your business is part of the 35% of businesses still running on the plain old telephone service (POTS) of yesteryear, it’s time for an upgrade. A cloud-based phone system can not only simplify your workspace, but also create a more efficient environment for your workers. There are many benefits of a cloud-based phone system that you do not want your business to miss out on.  

Benefits of a Cloud-based Phone System

While you may be used to your regular phone service provider, you need to consider upgrading to a cloud-based phone system. Your business may be small or medium sized, but you can still operate with a phone system that has all the big business functions and features.  

The Service You Deserve 

The service providers of a cloud-based phone system give you peace of mind as they will install and maintain your phone system for you. They will be responsible for updates and provide you with a secure network. If you ever have any issues with your service, your provider will solve your problem at no additional cost to you.  

Reliability You Need 

Cloud based phone systems are, by definition, supported by the internet. This means that the service is exceptionally reliable. While POTS is susceptible to power outages, cloud-based phone systems are not. Power outages may knock out the internet in your building, however the internet itself never goes down.  

Cloud based phone systems give the option of forwarding calls to different devices. These devices can be mobile or based out of the office. This gives your business the option of operating outside of the brick-and-mortar building.  

Ease of Scalability 

A cloud-based phone system is much more scalable than a POTS. Traditionally, if you wanted to add another physical phone line, you would need to call your provider and schedule a maintenance appointment. The specialist would come to your office, drill holes, and run lines. You would then need to purchase another handset in order to add a line. 

One of the benefits of a cloud-based phone system is the ease of adding another line. The only work you need to do to add another line is purchasing a new handset. Once the handset arrives, simply plug it into your internet connection and you are ready to go.  

Benefits From Functionality and Features 

The mainbenefits of a cloud-based phone system come from the features of the system. These features not only simplify your work life, but also promote your business and increase customer relations. Below, we have highlighted just a few of these features: 

Mobility: As mentioned earlier, cloud-based phone systems have the option of utilizing mobile apps. These mobile apps allow your business to function from anywhere that you can access the internet. This is a wonderful feature for people who go from building to building, travel to business meetings, or staff that need to go from department to department.  

Call waiting, call parking, call forwarding: a cloud-based phone system is great for businesses because of all the customer service options once you have a customer on a call. With call waiting, call park, and call forwarding, your customers will quickly be in contact with the customer service representatives that best offer them a solution.  

Voice messaging: As with most phones, you can leave voice messages with a cloud-based phone system. But one of the benefits of a cloud-based phone system is that some systems will transcribe those voice messages and send them straight to your email.  

Low monthly cost: Raise your hand if you remember waiting until a certain time at night to make long-distance phone calls because it was cheaper. While this practice has mostly gone away, in the business sector, long distance phone calls can still be an expensive burden to your bottom line. With a cloud-based phone system, there is no additional fee for the distance or number of calls made from your business.  

Unitel’s Big Benefits of a Cloud-based Phone System

Unitel has the cloud-based phone system your business needs. We are here to support you and your business. Our cloud-based phone system is more flexible, more scalable, has more features, and is easier to use than your old system. If you are ready to reap the benefits of a cloud-based phone system, contact us today