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Critical Pain Points Managed IT Services Solve for Your Business 

Business Pain Points IT Services Solve for Your Business

We often share the same pain points when running our businesses. Managed IT services can offer strategic solutions to these challenges and even give you an edge over the competition. Below, you’ll discover how managed IT services can completely transform your business. 

What are Managed IT Services? 

Managed IT services are outsourced human resources that manage all or part of a company’s IT infrastructure. They typically allow companies to offload more general, routine tasks like help desk services and network management to third parties. Over half of companies overall have used a managed IT service provider. This approach eliminates the need for an in-house IT team or frees up an existing IT team’s time, allowing them to focus on high-impact initiatives. 

Business Pain Point #1:  High Operational Costs 

Managing costs is always a challenge for any business. Paying for a full-time IT team can stretch the budget thin to cover salaries, benefits, and training. Managed IT services are cost-effective. You won’t have to worry about any of the costs associated with having full-time staff. In fact, when companies partner with a managed IT service provider, they cut their overall expenses by nearly half. 

Business Pain Point #2:  Talent Shortages and High Turnover 

The technology sector, in general, has seen a shortage of specialized and experienced talent. Such a small talent pool for specialized niches has led to high salary requirements and turnover rates. Managed IT service providers help to solve this problem by coming ready-made with a pool of talent that meets your needs. This results in always having the staff you need to support your business without the constant recruiting, hiring, and training cycle, which costs a lot in both money and time. 

Business Pain Point #3:  Inefficiencies in Your IT Infrastructure 

As your business grows and ages, it is easy to get out of touch with the latest hardware and software. Most companies have inefficient areas in their IT infrastructure. They struggle with outdated or inefficient IT infrastructure that blocks progress. This becomes a problem when it slows down efficiency and hinders productivity. Managed IT services remove this issue by coming into your business and helping you optimize IT operations by implementing the latest technologies. This allows your systems to run smoothly across the board. 

Business Pain Point #4: Periods of Downtime 

Unplanned downtime costs businesses in loss of productivity and revenue. It brings productivity to a screeching halt, hurts your ability to deliver for your customers, and generally limits your business. MSPs monitor and maintain IT systems to minimize downtime and ensure that businesses operate without interruption. 

Business Pain Point #5: A Lack of Scalability 

With growth comes changing needs, and having your IT team grow with you at the same rate can be challenging, as finding the right person to join your team full-time is difficult. Managed IT services have solutions that can scale or adjust with you as your needs change. This flexibility can empower you to take chances and try new things with your business. You can expand the capability of your in-house IT team without putting a strain on them or your business as a whole. 

Why Choose Unitel? 

With managed IT services, you can solve many of the pain points you deal with every day as you run your business. Taking on an MSP can leave you more time to focus on what matters most while knowing everything is being taken care of at the same time. 

As your managed IT partner, we deliver responsive and dedicated customer experience, a fair and reasonable fee structure that aligns with the needs of growing businesses, and all the tools to help you overcome your most significant pain points. Contact us to get started