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As a business owner, you know how important relationships with your customers can be to your bottom line. Did you know you can also have great relationships with your providers as well? Think of how much easier it would be to deal with issues if you knew that your provider was available and ready to help you out. One of the easiest ways to build this trusting relationship is to find a great provider. Keep in mind that there are great providers everywhere, even in your own backyard!  

Local providers extend to all sorts of services.  In this piece, we will be discussing local phone service providers and why you do not need to work with a provider in another state that doesn’t understand local issues in order to get great service. The importance of a provider that is easy to access cannot be stressed enough.  Let us help you find your business phone system RI!

Business Phone System RI 

To future-proof your business, you really should be using a cloud-based business phone system. There are several options for you to choose from, and we will be going over three excellent business phone system options for RI.  

Business Phone System RI: Onsite VoIP 

Onsite VoIP is a premise-based system. This means that everything needed to operate the system is housed on site, at your place of business. 

Why it’s great:  

  • Because you have put your investment in an on-premise phone system, you own the equipment. This is great because it gives you ultimate control over your solution.  
  • Onsite VoIP solutions are very flexible and scalable while offering a wide variety of phone system features.  
  • You can configure and customize the solution to serve the needs of your company.  
  • Protects company from provider price hikes or other outside influences.  

What to look out for:  

  • You are purchasing the equipment to run your business phone system, therefore, there are higher upfront costs than with onsite VoIP. 
  • When you own the equipment, you and your business become responsible for any and all maintenance that your system needs.  

Business Phone System RI: Hosted PBX 

Hosted PBX is a business phone solution that has all the equipment and servers housed with the provider. This is great for businesses that are in smaller buildings. However, hosted PBX is not only for small businesses. Any sized business can benefit from the features and functions of a hosted PBX business phone solution.  

Why it’s great

  • A hosted PBX is operated through the internet. That means the solution is portable, flexible, and scalable. 
  • Hosted PBX boasts a small monthly fee with no hidden costs. 
  • The provider of hosted PBX is responsible for equipment upkeep and maintenance. 

What to look out for:  

  • You, as the owner, will have less control over your business phone system because your provider has possession of the equipment.  

Business Phone System RI: Unified Communications 

Unified communications (UC) not only offers business phone service, but also video and messaging services as well. UC integrations allow you to combine services your company may already be using with your communications solution. This means you and your employees no longer need to flip between tabs and can function off one “pane of glass.”  

Why it’s great:  

  • Along with all the positive features of hosted PBX, unified communications offers you even more features, combining voice, video messaging and more all in one easy-to-use platform.  

What to look out for:  

  • Similar to hosted PBX, you have no ownership of the equipment involved in operating your business phone system.  

Business Phone System in RI with Unitel  

Now that you know three great options for a business phone system RI, it’s time to get started with the best fit for you. Unitel is a RI local phone service provider that offers all three options. Call our dedicated team of experts and we will help you decide which solution is best for your company. 

Once you have decided between onsite VoIP, hosted PBX or unified communications, we promise to be there for you when you need us with a business phone system RI. After all, being local has its advantages!