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Why Businesses Need a Video Conferencing Solution

woman using a video conferencing solution

Collaboration from a distance can be a real obstacle. For the past 18 months, businesses have needed to be creative with how to advocate for their employees’ ability to collaborate. When the pandemic first hit and the shut-down happened, some businesses did their best and had their employees use online resources for collaboration (including video conferencing). In fact, video conferencing has seen an increase of 535% usage since 2020. However, these solutions are not the best option.  There is a better video conferencing solution that companies should be using. 

From a Distance 

As businesses “return to normal” and head back to the office, a new normal is emerging. Both workers and employers are realizing the value of remote work. In order to continue facilitating remote work, a lot of employers have adopted a hybrid work model, where workers spend some time in the office and some time working remotely. This more permanent work solution needs a more permanent collaboration tool. 

A professional video conferencing solution can help workers from around the globe and across Time zones come together as if they were in the same meeting room. This can be more convenient than in-person meetings, as it accommodates more people. No longer do people need to travel long distances or use low-quality voice connections to work together. A professional video conferencing solution allows workers to hold productive and effective collaboration sessions from anywhere on any device connected to the internet.  

Professional Video Conferencing Solution Features  

There are many features of a professional video conferencing solution that benefit businesses in big ways. Collaboration features are just the beginning of why more businesses should be using a professional video conferencing solution. Administrative and backend details can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of video conferencing.  


Communicating over VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) is one of the clearest and most seamless options to use for phone and communication services. When using a VoIP solution, users can easily switch from voice calls to messaging to video conferencing without needing to pause communication by establishing new connections.  

Dynamic Features 

Video conferencing solutions allow users to incorporate different types of media into their presentations. MP4 videos, PPTs, and PDF files can help enhance presentations to make the content more exciting for the audience. Another great interactive feature is note sharing. This gives the audience a little more clarification or information during certain parts of the presentation.  

Screen Share 

A helpful feature to engage different participants is screen sharing. This is where the speaker or presenter can share their desktop with the audience. This can help the speaker with clarification and promote collaboration amongst participants.  

High Definition 

One of the biggest fears of video conferencing is that people are not in the same room, so users may become disengaged. This is helped with HD video. HD enables a clear picture of the speaker. With HD, it can feel like everyone is in the same room at the same time. 


Two-way communication is important during video conferencing, even during presentations. The messaging feature allows people who are not the speaker to communicate or give feedback. Some messaging, or chat features, include text and even emojis. This helps keep the audience engaged.  


One of the most notable features of a professional video conferencing solution is the ability to record sessions. This is important for people who could not attend the live conference. With unlimited storage and sharing capabilities, recording can be accessed indefinitely when using professional video conferencing solutions. This is great for training and reviewing purposes.  


Presenters and employers need to be able to access information about how the presentation was received. This is important for future presentations as well as identifying participant interactions. With reporting, hosts can identify engaging and nonengaging aspects of their presentations. This can help the host refine and build new presentations.  

The Right Professional Video Conferencing Solution for You 

Now that you are ready to incorporate a professional video conferencing solution in your business, it is time to talk to Unitel. Our video conferencing not only has all the features listed above, but so much more! Contact us today to speak with one of our highly trained specialists so we can get you started with a comprehensive video conferencing solution.