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By the Numbers: Business VoIP Services 

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We’re sure you’ve heard about VoIP before. Seems like everyone is offering a solution that allows greater flexibility and scalability for businesses. But is the investment worth it? Will switching your communications to a business VoIP solution actually do as much good as the experts say? Instead of giving our opinions on the subject, we’ve gathered fifteen compelling statistics that we think speak for themselves. Check them out! 

5 Statistics that Prove Business VoIP is Here to Stay 

Many companies pooh-poohed business VoIP when it first began over 20 years ago, saying it was a flash-in-the-pan solution that would never truly replace legacy copper wiring or on-premise PBX systems. You might find yourself among the skeptics as well, thinking you can outlast the VoIP technology trends. But is that really the case? 

Experts predict that the mobile VoIP market will reach $183.7 billion by 2027. 

It’s no surprise that the mobile business VoIP market has seen such exponential growth. COVID-19 forced many businesses to adapt to remote work environments.  

The VoIP market for Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) is experiencing the most growth –approximately 15% from 2019 to 2025.

With more employees shifting from in-office to mobile working habits, SMBs were compelled to adapt. Now, many of them use softphones and/or VoIP phone systems to reduce their communication expenses and accommodate a more flexibility-focused workforce.  

Legacy communication contracts are not being renewed, with 61% of businesses looking to switch to VoIP as soon as they are able. 

Most business leaders aren’t looking to stay with landline carriers. Why? Because VoIP technology is more cost-effective, requires less maintenance, and isn’t limited by any kind of desktop hardware. Not only that, but it provides excellent geo-redundancy and if there are any outages, it’s up to the provider to set things right. No need to burden internal IT departments with complicated PBX boxes anymore.  

Usage of VoIP & Video Conferencing solutions surged by 212% when the pandemic hit – and showed no signs of waning.  

Based on statistics, businesses and customers alike began utilizing voice services at a much larger rate than in past years. And there is no indication that this usage will taper off or die anytime soon. 

Companies at the forefront of business development are 150% more likely to use mobile communications solutions 

Businesses can be their own worst enemies at times, holding themselves back from adopting new technology for fear of how it’ll impact their productivity or their bottom line. But statistics show that industry leaders aren’t afraid to lead the charge into the latest VoIP communication tech. 

4 Datapoints Displaying How Business VoIP Can Save You Money 

On average, a business saves between 30% to 50% when they switch to a business VoIP system.  

The amount of savings you can experience with a VoIP system varies. It depends on how large your business is, what kind of system you were using prior to VoIP, what level of voice and data usage you need, etc. However, 30-50% is a safe assumption based on current data trends. 

Using softphones has given companies an average cost-savings of $1,727 per month in cell phone and long-distance charges. 

In case you don’t already know, softphones are software applications that allow users to make calls using their business phone system from wherever they may be. No need to foot the bill for company cell phone usage or in-office long distance calls, especially since most business VoIP offerings come with a free softphone application. 

Call Centers that use VoIP services saw a 15% reduction in overall IT costs 

Many businesses still rely on their IT team to manage their legacy PBX system. But when they switch to VoIP – which is much simpler to learn, manage and maintain – it not only reduces the need for additional IT staff, but it also frees up their current IT professionals to more fully focus on other technical needs their staff may have. If you find you’re spending an inordinate amount of money on the IT department, VoIP could be the option for you. 

Save 10-25% on their communications costs when you optimize your subscription billing with VoIP.  

Many legacy telecom companies nickel and dime you to death. With extra hidden fees, and additional costs for overages, you’re barely able to understand your bill let alone pay it. Most VoIP providers offer a simple, flat rate for their services and deliver a comprehensive, all-inclusive bill. To really see those savings, be sure you pick the right package for your actual and forecasted communication usage.  

5 Reasons Why Business VoIP Will Positively Impact Your Employees 

Employees are far more efficient on VoIP-based systems, with productivity increases as large as 77%

The combination of cutting-edge features (like “Find Me/Follow Me”) and the lack of workplace interruptions during/between calls has streamlined employee workflows exponentially. No more balancing impromptu in-office meetings with their daily task load.  

81% of employees feel that VoIP-based collaboration applications improve the overall productivity of the company. 

According to a study by Braido, employees recognize and appreciate the benefits inherent in a business VoIP system. Especially because VoIP systems can easily integrate into the applications they’re already using. This kind of collaboration on and between online applications leads to more productive and more cooperative teams.   

Video conferencing via VoIP leads to more employee contributions – over 67% of employees say they are more likely to speak up over video than in person! 

While many corporations are concerned about so many teams preferring to remain remote, they shouldn’t be! The multiplicity of features inherent in VoIP video conferencing – such as raising your hand, built-in chats, etc.) allow employees to share their ideas without fear of being talked over or interrupted. 

Workers saved close to $500 per month being at home during the pandemic, meaning they saw savings of almost $6,000 in a year 

We spent a good amount of time covering the cost savings VoIP can provide for your business. But, as it turns out, VoIP saves your employees money too! Having a mobile-capable business VoIP solution allows more employees to work from home, reducing the money spent on travel, food, and other work-related expenses. 

Post-pandemic, 82% of employees shared that working from home is better for their mental health. 

This particular statistic may seem obvious, but it still is worth mentioning. There’s no denying that the ability to work from home has improved not only team productivity but also team spirit. When your employees are at their peak – both physically and emotionally – they are more likely to produce excellent work for you and your business.  

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