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Business Continuity Planning

In the case of a natural disaster or some event that causes data failure, you need to be prepared. This is where we come in. Unitel’s data backup software creates a system where even in the event of a disaster, none of the adverse situations arise. You will have a recent data backup restored, and […]

Business Continuity Planning

If there were to be a disaster today, do you know what state your company would be left in? With Unitel’s advanced data backup software and disaster recovery you never have to worry! Keep your business on track, losing data means that work needs to be re-done. Instead, you should be using that time to further the […]

Business Security

As a leading provider of computer data and IT security solutions for Boston, Cambridge, and Quincy businesses, Unitel, Inc. is well aware that security can be an issue. No one wants their business to be hacked.  Although hackers have grow more and more skilled in their attempts to cause harm to your business, IT security solutions are […]