Remote Work Tools

remote work tools

Offering your employees the best remote work tools is more important than ever. Global Workplace Analytics has predicted 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home by the end of 2021. Employees desire a safe work environment where they can work efficiently from wherever they may be. With that desire comes the needs for more effective remote work tools.  Unified Communications allows you to create a […]

Microsoft Teams Integrations Made Easy

Microsoft Teams Integrations

Many Unified Communications platforms now boast Microsoft Teams Integrations. Why? With remote work trends still on the rise, it is imperative that our communication capabilities advance with the growing need to collaborate and communicate with efficiency and ease. Integration is a vital step in that process.  With Microsoft Teams having as many as 115 million users, having it integrated into your phone system enables your workforce to […]

Phone System Features That Improve Customer Service

Phone System Features

In order to grow your business, you will need to give customers what they crave, top notch customer service.  The phone system features of a business phone system can improve customer service in many ways.  With a cloud-based system your phone system will be flexible for your customers, efficient for your business representatives and convenient for your customers to connect with representatives. The analytics in a phone system can help you […]

Unitel Offers Hosted Services to Empower Your Remote Workforce

With businesses adapting to the COVID-19 crisis by transitioning to a remote workforce, they require services that enable them to be as efficient and productive as in the office. At Unitel, we offer a comprehensive array of services that will allow your company to be successful while working remotely.  Unitel Cloud PBX  Communication is essential […]

How Unitel CloudPBX Can Benefit Your Remote Workforce

For many businesses, making and receiving calls is essential. It’s a key part of how they operate and generate revenue. With so many businesses being forced to work remotely or close till quarantine, those that rely on their office phones to make calls find themselves in a tough position. As they can’t exactly take their […]

The Cloud Offers Increased Mobility for Businesses

Businesses are always looking for a way to make their operations more efficient. Migrating your business operations to the cloud allows your company to avoid costly hardware purchases and the costs associated with maintaining on-premise infrastructure. The cloud offers many additional benefits to your company.  Business Continuity  Business continuity and disaster recovery are critical to […]

Why Most of Our Clients are Using Our Hosted Products

We always consult with each of our clients to find them the solution that works the best for their unique situation. It’s a numbers game to see what fits the needs and budget for each particular business. For most of our SMB clients, the right answer seems to be a hosted phone system. It’s not […]

Moving on From Toshiba and what that means for you?

It was announced mid-2017 that Toshiba would be ending their business phone division for good. This caused many phone companies to switch gears and change their clients’ phone systems, but there are still many people still using Toshiba phone systems. Are you still using Toshiba or another outdated phone system that still works, so, why […]

Why switching to a cloud phone system is the best solution for your business

At Unitel, we offer the best voice system that will fit your business, whether small, medium or large. Our voice and communications framework allow for it to grow with your company, so whether you are a business that is just starting out or a large corporation with thousands of employees, you know that you have […]

Virtual Servers Enhancing Mobility

Imagine the inconvenience of having to drive all the way back to the office, just to send an email your boss says didn’t go out. Or printing out all those reports only to have the most important one sitting on your desk, too far to get before the meeting. Or being unable to correct project […]