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Unlocking the Benefits of Data Protection: Strengthening Trust and Confidence in Your Brand 

Data protection

In today’s distributed workforces, businesses rely heavily on unified communication (UC) tools like video conferencing, instant messaging, and cloud storage to collaborate and stay connected. And while UC solutions are vital to remote and hybrid teams’ success, they present one major challenge: how to keep all that data secure.   Because if they don’t, the consequences […]

Trends Your IT Security Team Needs to Monitor in 2023 

it security solutions

Digital transformation is one of the latest buzzwords and businesses of all sizes are relying on computers and software to conduct business. Most of these functions are connected to the Internet which opens up the risk for hacking. Cybersecurity should be a goal to protect data from various threats or unauthorized access.  As we head […]

Why Businesses Need to Focus on Cyber Security

Unitel Cyber Security Blog

This past decade has been rough for businesses, particularly in the security department. As things like major data breaches and general cybercrimes (such as phishing and malware) have affected a large number of companies. With the number of affected businesses inevitably growing every day, as remote workforces have become a recent target for attacks. That’s […]

It’s Time to Improve Your IT Security

For years now, we keep hearing about large hacker attacks on businesses and individuals across the country. Last year there were numerous ransomware attacks in the news such as WannaCry, the SamSam group attack on Alabama’s municipal government, and the security breach at Equifax. They affected millions of Americans, putting their data into the hands of criminals. Cyber threats […]