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Elevate Your Virtual Meetings with Expert Video Conference Setup 

Team discussing the best video conference setup

Elevate Your Virtual Meetings with Expert Video Conference Setup   Monday meetings have changed; instead of a whole team locked up in one tiny room, now there could be some team members joining a virtual room from all across the world. This is nothing new; remote work has come a long way in recent years. So, […]

Video Communications: How Far We’ve Come 

coworkers using video communications

A quick Google search will reveal that video communications technology has become a highly valuable, and beneficial, tool for businesses. By providing a face-to-face connection with colleagues and clients around the globe, video communications have been shown to increase efficiency and engagement all with just a few quick clicks.  However, video communication hasn’t always been […]

Why Businesses Need a Video Conferencing Solution

woman using a video conferencing solution

Collaboration from a distance can be a real obstacle. For the past 18 months, businesses have needed to be creative with how to advocate for their employees’ ability to collaborate. When the pandemic first hit and the shut-down happened, some businesses did their best and had their employees use online resources for collaboration (including video conferencing). In fact, video conferencing […]