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Choosing The Right Cloud-Based Phone System For Small Business 

person with a cloud-based phone system for small business

If you’re thinking about giving up your traditional business phone system for a cloud-based phone system for small business, you may be struggling with all the options and choices that are currently available. All the latest options out there are cloud-based. It seems as though the COVID-19 pandemic played a huge role in bringing this change, along with the many additional effects on businesses.  

The features, scalability, customization, and cost-effective benefits of a cloud-based phone system really helped many businesses to adapt to the “new normal” as it has been called. However, with increased demand has come increased supply, with many new suppliers popping up overnight.  

If you need help choosing the right cloud-based phone system for a small business, Unitel can help! 

Better Features 

One of the biggest selling points of cloud-based phone systems for small business is that they have not only more features, but typically better ones than a traditional telephone system.  Hosted PBX Features are also more extensive and cost effective. Some of the amazing features of Unitel’s Cloud PBX are: 

  • Auto-attendant 
  • Audio & Video Conferencing 
  • Call Reporting & Data Analytics 
  • Call Forwarding 
  • CRM Integrations 
  • And MORE! 

With an extensive list of features to choose from, including CRM Integrations, your communications will be top notch and more streamlined when using cloud-based phone systems for small business. This also leads to better customer service and higher staff efficiency. 

More Scalable 

While features are important, it’s also good to note the scalability of cloud-based phone systems for small business. When thinking about the aspects of staff efficiency, there will also be times when you will want to scale your phone system in either direction by adding or removing lines. 

To scale a traditional phone system, you would have to contact your telephone company, wait for them to come out, install new lines, and go through more hassle than is needed with a cloud-based system. 

With a cloud-based phone system, it’s easy to add new users on your own without the time and hassle of waiting on your telephone company. Of course, Unitel is always here to assist when needed. 


Building off the scalability of a cloud-based phone system for small business, is the notion of customization. Of course, your new cloud-based phone system will be customizable when it comes to scalability, but it will also be customizable when it comes to the previously discussed features and how you decide to use them. 

Every business is different, which means they have unique needs. With Unitel’s Cloud PBX, you’re able to choose which features you want to implement and use for your business communications. 

Cost-Effective Cloud-based Phone System for Small Business 

Lastly, when looking at the benefits of features, scalability, and customization, it is easy to see how cost-effective it can be to implement a cloud-based phone system for small business.  

With Unitel, you are only paying for the size of the phone system that you’re scaled up or down to. There’s no need to pay for 10 lines when you only need 3. Only paying for what you need and use, along with avoiding the excessive costs to install new lines when scaling up, makes switching to a cloud-based phone system for small business a very cost-effective business strategy. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Cloud PBX 

With so many businesses today switching from traditional phone systems to Cloud PBX, it seems like there is a new provider popping up everywhere you turn. When you mix in all the acronyms, it can all seem a bit confusing at first.  

Unitel’s customer support can help answer any of your questions and makes setting up Cloud PBX service for your business a breeze. Offering an easily scalable, highly customizable, and feature-rich platform, Unitel is your best choice when switching to a cloud-based phone system for small business. 

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