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Enable Hybrid Work Before Returning to the Office

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In 2020, the world was thrown for a loop. As workers were sent home, businesses were left wondering how they were going to keep their doors open. Some small businesses were able to take a nod from the teachers and use online video platforms to continue communicating with colleagues and customers. This Band-Aid for hybrid work needs a more permanent solution as pandemic numbers fluctuate and flu season approaches, and the possibility of another shut down looms.  

What is Hybrid Work? 

Hybrid work is an office model that enables workers to be fluid in their work environment. Employees are able to adapt their time and location based on the needs of a business or project they’re working on at that moment. This includes mandated ‘work from home’ orders.  

The hybrid work solution has been gaining traction in recent years as companies realized the benefits of enabling remote workers. With a hybrid work environment, employees can work remotely for days or weeks at a time to reduce office space and overhead costs. Companies have found these changes beneficial because they are able to compete with other businesses that are not new to the remote work opportunity.  

Unified Communications and Hybrid Work  

As mentioned earlier, some businesses were able to limp through the pandemic with Band-Aid style solutions. Online video platforms, email, and phone calls barely pulled them through. The problem with these solutions is that workers had limited access to their business files and customer information. Timeliness and latency of communications can really be a key factor in business success. This is where unified communications can help.  

Unified communications (UC) integrate voice, video, data, and other applications over IP networks through one system for improved collaboration among staff members in different locations. UC allows employees to access their email, files, and customer information, no matter where they are located.   

UC solutions come with both desktop and mobile cloud-based applications that enable workers to access all business-related materials. This gives workers ultimate mobility. UC allows your remote workers the same accessibility they have in office.  

More importantly, the integrated voice and video allow your employees to collaborate and communicate efficiently. Messaging in the system is as quick as texting without the hassle of switching to another device or application. 

How Businesses Can Use UC for Hybrid Work 

Unified communications become more valuable as your workplace becomes more flexible and fluid. With workers coming and going, working from both office and home, it becomes vital that employees can access information instantaneously. Communicating in real time is also a workplace necessity.  

With an estimated 70% of the workforce working remotely at least part of the month by 2025, workers are increasingly distributed around the world. Unified communications can support hybrid work, which is critical when you need to connect remote workers without sacrificing communication quality. 

Whether you are communicating with coworkers, colleagues, or customers, instantaneous information is important. UC can reduce the time it takes for messages to be delivered, and this translates into real ROI (return on investment).  

Hybrid Work with Unitel 

As flu season approaches and the Delta variant continues to spread, now is the time to prepare yourself and your business. Unitel can offer you a trustworthy unified communications solution that has all the features you need to help your business thrive, during shutdowns and beyond. Let Unitel help you offer your employees a productive hybrid work environment. 

Learn more about hybrid working and the benefits of a unified communications solution from our experts. Get in touch with Unitel today to learn more! 

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