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Finding the Right UCaaS Provider 

Person With Their UCaaS Provider

Finding the right UCaaS provider can be tricky if you are not sure what to look for. After all, there are a plethora of UCaaS providers all touting that they have the best solution. If you are willing to research each of the providers, you should know what to look for besides just the features and functions of the solution. 

5 Qualities You Need In A UCaaS Provider 

These UCaaS provider qualities are key to picking the perfect provider.  

Customer Service 

A UCaaS provider should be transparent with their customer service practices. They should tell you how often they are available to you (by the way, a great provider will be available 24/7). They should be able to show you how to contact them if the need arises. And all communication avenues should be clearly explained to you.  

Along with the technical support that comes with connecting to the UCaaS provider, they should also offer services that improve your solution. Implementation and automatic updates are a few services that are offered by a great provider. 


You need a provider that has a reliable product. You need to know you can depend on your solution to keep you available when you need it the most! 


You may not think you need the ability to add new users or seats to your system, but the business world moves very quickly. Both you and your provider need to be prepared for rapid growth.  


With a cyber-attack happening every 11 seconds, it’s important to ensure that your UCaaS provider is completely secure. Do a little research on the provider’s encryption, incident programs, and accreditation.  


One of the best ways to research UCaaS providers is to look up their customer reviews. Most customers are not afraid to let everyone know if they had a negative experience. Therefore, if you are researching providers and cannot find many negative reviews on a particular provider, you can assume that this is a great provider to work with.  

Unitel, the UCaaS Provider for You 

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