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Get 24/7 IT Support With our Managed Services Offering

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IT is a necessity for any modern business to survive, as technical failure could lead to downtime and severe losses. That’s why you have an IT department in order to be covered 24/7, but technical problems don’t happen all the time. Most of the time your IT support team is sitting around waiting for something to pop up for them to fix, which can lead to paying for time spent not working, which can hurt your budget in the long run. Luckily there’s a cheaper way to get 24/7 IT support, use our Managed Services to cover your IT needs. 

With Unitel, you can have highly skilled IT support technicians without the cost of putting an IT support service professional on your staff. Instead, you’ll be paying a flat-rate for comprehensive IT services. You’ll be covered on both hardware and software with not only proactive maintenance but 24/7 monitoring as well. You’ll even experience fewer disruptions to your business as we provide remote and overnight services. 

You’ll always need IT support to keep your businesses technology running smoothly, but you shouldn’t pay more then you need to for 24/7 support. With our Managed Services you can cut the cost of running your own IT department, but still have IT support you can count on 24/7.