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Get It All with UCaaS

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Take a moment and reflect on your business. What is your business model? Do your workers come into the office every day? Do you have a hybrid model where workers are in the office part time and the rest of the time remote? Or do you have fully remote workers? Has running your business remotely this past year been easy? Did you know that a UCaaS communications solution can help grow your business no matter what model your business is?  

Unified Communications as a Service, better known as UCaaS or unified communications, has the opportunity to make a big difference in your business. UCaaS is a cost-effective way to upgrade communications for all businesses. Which is great news because that means businesses of all sizes, not just big businesses, can get it all with UCaaS.  

Features of UCaaS 

A true unified communications solution combines all communication avenues into one easy to use platform. This is convenient and allows you and your employees access to all work communications without switching from application to application, wasting precious time. 

A UCaaS solution is operated through either a desktop or mobile application. With only an internet connection, employees can access the entirety of work collateral. So, whether your employees are in the office, working from home or internationally, through UCaaS, they will have access to work communications. 

  • Platform – Both the desktop and the mobile application give your employees access to information on company products, customers, and archives. The applications are the command centers of UCaaS that control your company information.  
  • Voice – There are a plethora of telephony features included in UCaaS. These features include call park, auto attendants, follow me, find me, conferencing, answering rules, and so much more.    
  • Chat – Communicate in real-time through integrated messaging without switching to another tab or program for quick questions or conversations.  
  • Video – Collaborating from miles apart has never been easier with video conferencing, webinars, screen sharing, recording, and archiving. 

Business Benefits of UCaaS  

As a business owner, you want to make sure that your return on investment is worth what you put into your business. The great news is that UCaaS is generally comparable to traditional communications. It’s when you start factoring in all the additional services that your savings really start stacking up. However, pricing isn’t the only benefit of a UCaaS solution.  

Faster Responses 

UCaaS allows teams to communicate seamlessly across different channels. For instance, chat and video conferencing are the most popular forms of communication in UCaaS. However, one can also use messaging or voice calls with a UCaaS solution also. Removing barriers between numerous communication types is beneficial for dispersed workforces, now employees don’t have to pause conversations in order switch platforms.  

Collaboration between different departments is now easier, as there are no unnecessary hurdles in the way to slow down information exchange. This results in a cohesive communication system for businesses and improved processes overall. 

Competitive Advantage 

Business competition will never go away. Not only do small businesses compete with other small businesses, but also their larger counterparts. A great way to get a leg up on the competition is to have a futuristic communication system that helps you stand up to the big guys. UCaaS can be that for your company, no matter your company’s size. 

Improved Customer Service 

With UCaaS, your customers can expect improved customer service from your team. You and your team can provide outstanding customer service in multiple ways. Call forwarding can allow you to send callers where they need to go. You can offer call back options so they don’t have to wait on hold for very long or give your customers access to avenues where they can reach out directly. 

Unitel Helps Your Business Get It All 

UCaaS is the ultimate tool for helping your business get it all, no matter what size you may be! It’s loaded with features that make communicating simple and is sure to up your collaboration game, no matter what model your business follows.  

If you’re looking to learn more about UCaaS or Hosted PBX then Unitel can help! We are here to help you transition to the perfect communications solution for your business, so contact us today