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Everything You Need to Know About Future-proofing Your Communications with Hosted Phone Solutions

hosted phone solutions

Technology’s evolution has exceeded public expectations, bursting beyond the seams of the current workforce with rapidly developing artificial intelligence and other similar innovations, maximizing the output of even the most minimally sized teams. As this demand escalates, the functionality of a team’s phone system needs to rise to the occasion. Adopting hosted phone solutions can help companies in their future-proofing endeavors.  

What Is Future-Proofing?  

Future-proofing is the process of preparing a technology so that it will not be likely to become obsolete in the future. In 2023, a study by the research firm IDC found that demand for smartphones was down “by 18 percent” over the holiday season 2022, showing via sales data that the need for smartphones is declining. 


As technologies permeate the span of social function, the demand for older models of technology evaporates, and newer models adapt to be compatible with modern tools. Such a scenario is called “obsoletion” in technical terms and refers to a case where old tech is phased out in favor of what is existing in the market at the time.  

MasterClass explained techniques for future-proofing and planning out strategies to boost the long-term well-being of a company. The central focus of future-proofing is adapting scalable technologies. At the core of these technologies are viable communications, crucial to ensuring that all business’ systems’ technologies function and can scale.  

World events and advances in research can influence this transition. In October 2021, Harvard Business Review noted that technology had been making significant advancements in how teams conducted work even before the lockdown of 2020, which forced the entire world to adopt remote work temporarily. The lockdown caused notable shifts and changes in labor forces as well as how work was conducted, with companies being forced to lay off 15 percent of their workforces during the pandemic and adopt new ways for smaller teams to carry out same-sized workloads for their missing colleagues.  

Hosted Phone Solutions  

Hosted phone solutions step into the role of providing long-term scaling solutions for business technology due to the natural scalability of hosted phone systems. Additionally, hosted services are dynamic and can be upgraded cost-efficiently and flexibly within the system. Hosted phone solutions are typically maintained by the service provider, who handles most of the hardware adjustments, which must be regularly updated to prevent a technology system’s “obsoletion” or the end of life.  

How To Futureproof Phone Systems  

PCMagazine explained “seven ways” teams can futureproof their work to be dynamic in hybrid situations. These tips should work for groups of all types, including on-site, hybrid, and remote. The recommendations include practical items that any team should be able to implement, regardless of their choice of phone system.   

Simply put, businesses can future-proof their phone systems by refusing to compromise long-term value for short-term benefits. PCMagazine explained that companies should seek to have a deep understanding of how their team communicates and make selections for phone systems based on what drives the most value for the team for the life of the business.   

The Unitel Solution   

Unitel is one step ahead, working to revolutionize business phone systems. With future-forward systems, Unitel is constantly seeking ways to secure a brighter future for clients that will grow with their goals and challenge the limits of their potential. Contact us today to learn more about the many services that fall under our hosted phone solutions, from call transfer to notifications to transcription. We provide a top-to-bottom system of call tools and features that help you take total control over all the ups and downs of building a business fit for the future.