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Hosted Phone Systems Benefit SMBs Economically

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The importance of adequately investing and allocating funds to the vital areas of a small business is critical, especially when it comes to your IT and voice systems. Having a reliable and robust phone system allows you to provide quality customer service and support, boost company reputation, increase sales, build clientele, and more. Many experts believe that it is essential for small businesses(SMBs) to invest in a reliable phone and IT system to improve daily operations.  

VoIP phones, compared to on-premise and traditional telephones, are by far the most cost-effective and efficient solution, with services costing as low as only $20 a month and including features like mobile and computer integration, data and information storage in the cloud, analytics, and interactive applications. These features will make operations more productive and efficient. Also, cloud-hosted phone services don’t come with hidden fees and require no heavy equipment or machinery, which significantly reduces the costs associated with having the system. 

Other factors that make owning a VoIP system a more cost-effective solution are as follows: 

  • Maintenance Expenses.  
  • With managed phone systems, everything is taken care of, from deployment to upgrades and updates. Administrators can make changes at no additional costs, and data is centrally located and remotely managed, so there is no need for multiple onsite servers. 
  • Equipment Costs.  
  • Hosted phones offer mobility and flexibility by providing remote and virtual services, which allows telecommuters to work either in-office or remotely. All they need is a broadband connection and their IP phone. Some services now offer mobile and desktop integration, where you don’t have to take your IP phone. Instead, you can make and receive calls from your mobile device or laptop. With concepts like BYOD, or “bring your own device” these functionalities can save on purchasing separate equipment for remote and virtual workers. 
  • Long-Distance Calling Costs.  
  • Unlike traditional phone systems which charge for calls made domestically and internationally, hosted phone systems don’t have added fees for domestic calls or additional phone lines. International calling rates are much lower than other phone systems. 
  • Growth Costs.  
  • VoIP phones are considered “future-proof,” meaning that they offer upgradeable technology that keeps your business staying current and up to date. Replacing these phones will likely not be necessary unless done by choice. New applications and software can be added at any time for better personalization of your phone systems. 

It is no surprise that many businesses, regardless of their size, are moving to a cloud phone system. Small companies reap significant benefits because they can use fewer resources for a fantastic solution that doesn’t take up valuable time to deploy and maintain. At Unitel, we have VoIP phone systems that can be tailored to your business and offer even more added more savings.