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How To Choose the Right VoIP Solutions in Boston 

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Perhaps you’re looking for the right VoIP solutions Boston provider. Like any service, choosing the right provider is daunting. It’s no different when choosing a new VoIP solution for your business. The VoIP solutions space is loaded with providers, so when deciding which one is perfect for you, here is some advice on choosing the right VoIP solution in the Boston area. 

Know What VoIP Is When Choosing VoIP Solutions in Boston

Don’t just call VoIP solutions Boston providers and schedule demos. Do some research to understand the technology and how it will impact your business. Business communications is the life blood of your business. Read on to learn a few basics of a VoIP solution. 

What is VoIP? 

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. It allows its users to make voice calls over the Internet. Traditional phone calls are transferred through the Public Switched Telephone Networks (PTSN), whereas VoIP transfers through IP networks. The advantage is VoIP can be accessed wherever you can connect to the Internet. This provides flexibility for all your workers, as they’re not tied to their desk phone. 

Research if VoIP Solutions Meet Your Communications Needs 

You need to research and figure out if a VoIP solution will improve your business. First, you will need to identify the communications needs of your company. After reflecting upon these questions, yourself, you might also want to propose the following questions to your staff members for additional insight: 

  • Does your company need a toll-free, local, or international number? A combo of all three? 
  • Are a lot of outbound calls made? 
  • Does your company receive a lot of inbound calls? Is call routing needed? 
  • Does your company have multiple buildings? 
  • Does your company have a lot of remote employees? 
  • Do your employees need audio/video conferencing? 
  • Do you or your staff need your business applications to integrate? 

Research VoIP Solutions Boston for Business 

There is a plethora of VoIP providers which can help with your communications needs. The challenge is picking right VoIP solutions Boston. There are different types of VoIP providers, so you need narrow down which type of provider you need: 

  • VoIP only: They focus solely on VoIP and voice communications. They offer features like voicemail and call forwarding, but no other features are offered. They may offer devices, such as desk phones. If you need just phone functionality, this may fit the bill. 
  • VoIP with cloud phone: These providers use the cloud by packaging VoIP and cloud PBX technology. They provide voice and call routing features of a hosted PBX. In addition to basic features, there is call management including auto-attendant, virtual extensions for departments and employees. 
  • VoIP with Unified Communications Providers: These providers combine all the features of the above but offer conferencing tools, SMS, team messaging into one platform. You work with one vendor for all your communication needs, as opposed to several vendors. 

If you’re looking for a reliable VoIP solutions provider in Boston, contact the experts at Unitel. We are a VoIP with Unified Communications provider and offer a consultative approach to make sure you make the right decision. 

Make Sure the VoIP Solutions Provider is Secure and Reliable 

On its own, VoIP may not be entirely secure. Data transfers through the Internet, which is a public utility and is open to interception or a breach. VoIP solutions providers layer on additional security to protect voice calls and data transmission. 

VoIP providers ensure strong encryption measures are implemented on the transmissions. The voice call, or any data transferred, should be, and is, encoded and can only be decoded by decryption key. Encryption is one of the most important ways to secure information across IP networks. 

VoIP solution providers also have multiple data centers to ensure redundancy. In the event a server goes down, another takes on the load in real-time. So, if an entire data center goes down in the event of an emergency or disaster, the next center up kicks into action. The client has no idea there are any issues. 

Pro Tip: Be sure the VoIP provider implements these best practices 

  • Data center audits 
  • 2-Factor Authentication 
  • Secure networks 

Read Reviews on the VoIP Providers 

Word of mouth is the best way to learn about a company. If you know someone who’s using one of the VoIP solutions providers you’re researching, pick their brain. Learn about the good and the bad of their provider. Read the reviews on trusted review sites, as well. You’ll be able to get an idea on the number of subscribers and their opinions on their VoIP provider. 

Pricing and Plans 

We don’t think pricing should be a deciding factor, but all companies have budgets. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. A lower-priced VoIP provider may have questionable reliability or may not have the features you desire.  

There’s a reason for the higher cost with some providers. Reputable VoIP solutions providers invest money and time into research and development to put out the best possible solution. 

You should ask, “Which VoIP solutions provider is going to provide the best bang for my buck?” 

Choosing the Right VoIP Solutions Boston Provider 

If you’re looking for a provider who is experienced in VoIP solutions Boston area, reach out to the experts at Unitel. We’ve been helping businesses of all sizes for 35 years. We’ll get to know your business and industry to ensure you make the right decision for your business and its communications needs. Contact us today, and let’s start the conversation.