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How Unitel CloudPBX Can Benefit Your Remote Workforce

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For many businesses, making and receiving calls is essential. It’s a key part of how they operate and generate revenue. With so many businesses being forced to work remotely or close till quarantine, those that rely on their office phones to make calls find themselves in a tough position. As they can’t exactly take their desk phones home with them or use their personal phones to make calls, or can they? The Unitel CloudPBX enables your employees to have their office phones and all of its functionality accessible from anywhere. 

With a CloudPBX, your employees will have the same access to the advanced features that come with your business phone system while working from home. Rather than being tied down somewhere in the office building, the infrastructure of your phone system resides in the Cloud. This lets them turn their smartphone, tablet, or their personal computer into their desk phone with the Softphone application. That way they keep their office phone numbers and can receive calls directed to the office. 

Don’t think that just because your business has to switch to working remotely that you have to stop interacting with your clients over the phone. Get a Unitel CloudPBX phone system, and keep your phones ringing while working from home.