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Is It Time To Replace Your PBX Box?


In the early 1900s, telephone communications changed the world. As phone service evolved, businesses were able to take advantage of Private Branch Exchange, or PBX. With the installation of a PBX box in the 1960s, businesses were able to take control of incoming and outgoing calls like never before.  

Again, phone service has changed a lot since the 1960s. There is a better way to receive and manage phone service than the antiquated PBX box. However, some people are still working with PBX. If your business utilizes a PBX box, read on. You may be surprised at how you feel about your PBX box by the end of the article. 

Your PBX box: a Solution in Disrepair 

Have you ever had a mobile phone that didn’t alert you when someone called or left a message? This annoyance probably made you say something like “I need a new phone; this one isn’t working right.” The same thing happens with PBX boxes. Most functions will work properly, but one or two features will stop working. What’s worse is that you might not know when the feature stops working.  

As the PBX box ages, you may have to do a lot of “small” fixes to keep the system running as it should. Similar to a car that is in constant need of repair, you will need to assess whether it’s better to keep your old system or invest in a newer, more trustworthy phone solution.  

Broken parts are expensive, especially on PBX boxes that may be 10-15 years old (or older). As the system ages, the parts become harder and harder to find. And what’s worse, they become MORE expensive to replace. The cost of the parts plus the fee associated with hiring a technician to come and repair your PBX box could be costing your business thousands of dollars.  

There will come a point when the technician will no longer be able to fix your PBX box, and the parts you need are no longer available. When your switchboard fails, you will be put in an emergency situation where you are left without phone service. At that point, you will need to update your phone solution.  

A New Phone Solution 

Now that you are aware of some reasons to upgrade your phone system from a PBX box, it’s time to do some research on some alternatives. Most modern phone solutions are cloud-based PBX or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) systems. This means that traditional phone lines are not needed to receive phone service, everything is run through internet lines and WIFI.  

With an internet-based phone system, the information sent through the lines is turned into data packets. This allows cloud-based phone systems to offer many more features than a PBX box. For example, with a cloud-based system, your business will have access to all the basic phone features you had before plus SMS messaging, voicemail transcription, mobility, a choice of device options with the use of soft phones, and so much more.  

Benefits of Switching from a PBX Box 

A wonderful perk of moving to a cloud-based phone solution is that the responsibility of maintenance and updates is no longer on your shoulders. When you work with a cloud-based phone service provider, they house all necessary equipment to keep your service up and running. Providers also have employees available to help with troubleshooting any issues that may arise.   

After pumping more and more money into your PBX box, you may be wondering just how much an upgrade will cost you. Well, great news, a cloud-based phone solution often saves most companies thousands of dollars. When you consider the cost you have spent on the actual phone service, added to all the money spent on maintenance, the low monthly fees associated with a cloud-based phone system are a fraction of the cost.  

Transition to a New System 

Unitel is here to help you transition from your old PBX phone solution to a modern cloud-based PBX solution that will suit you not only now but well into the future. Contact us today with any questions you may have about the transition process or your options in cloud-based phone systems. We would love to help you and your business grow!