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It Is Not Too Late to Migrate Your Business Operations to the Cloud

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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact businesses, it is imperative that employees work remotely so companies can remain operational. At Unitel, we have cloud computing solutions that will enable your employees to work from home, while remaining efficient. 

There are many benefits to migrating your business operations to the cloud. Here are five: 

Increased Security 

Many businesses are concerned about the safety of their data when it is stored in the cloud. When your company hosts its operations in the cloud, your data will be monitored 24/7. Your IT department will no longer need to split time between ensuring that your hardware and software is working correctly and ensuring that your data is protected. At Unitel, we monitor your data for you, so your employees can focus on the continued growth of your company. 

Increased Mobility 

Hosting your operations in the cloud will allow your employees to work from anywhere. With the current COVID-19 crisis, working from home is critical to the success of your company. Additionally, personal cellphones can be turned into extensions on your network, so employees will be able to place and receive phone calls with zero interruptions. 

Increased Collaboration 

With the growing number of remote employees, maintaining a high-level of collaboration within your organization is extremely valuable. Microsoft Dynamics CRM ensures that your business is on the same page. Additionally, Microsoft Teams provides a highly efficient and secure communications platform, so your company can hold meetings while everyone is sheltering at home. 

Disaster Recovery 

Cloud backup services provide quick and easy data restoration in the event of a disaster. Additionally, your employees can access your network from anywhere, which will ensure minimal disruption to business operations. 

Automatic Software Updates 

Having to stop business operations due to updating software is a burden and will cost your company money in the long run. With cloud computing, software updates happen automatically and can be scheduled to take place during the hours when your business is closed. This feature will allow your employees to take advantage of the newest features, and free up your IT staff to work on other pressing concerns. 

The cloud offers many benefits to your business. From disaster recovery to increased security, migrating to the cloud will help your business become more efficient and better able to survive disasters. With most companies needing to work remotely, it isn’t too late to switch to cloud computing. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud computing services.