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It’s Time to Improve Your IT Security

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For years now, we keep hearing about large hacker attacks on businesses and individuals across the country. Last year there were numerous ransomware attacks in the news such as WannaCry, the SamSam group attack on Alabama’s municipal government, and the security breach at Equifax. They affected millions of Americans, putting their data into the hands of criminals. Cyber threats such as these aren’t going away anytime soon. They affect every industry and will continue to require improvements to data protection measures. 

The team at Unitel is committed to protecting its customers from cyber threats with enterprise-level security systems and firewalls. Our services are designed to protect your data, communications, internet connection, company-wide network, and vulnerable hardware from viruses, malware, phishing emails, and ransomware. We do our best to stay ahead of the curve, researching and implementing the latest IT security solutions for our customers. 

What are some steps you can take right now to protect your business data? 

  • Back up your mission-critical data on external devices or through secure cloud solutions 
  • Advise your staff not to open zip files or attachments from unknown email addresses 
  • Don’t send sensitive information via email without verifying the identity of the recipient 
  • Look into relevant HIPAA regulations if applicable for your business 
  • Install the latest Windows updates and keep your security software up-to-date 

And last, but far from least, you can call our team for help. We can find and close holes in your security, install updates, and conduct a network assessment. 

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