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Microsoft Teams Integrations Made Easy

Microsoft Teams Integrations

Many Unified Communications platforms now boast Microsoft Teams Integrations. Why? With remote work trends still on the rise, it is imperative that our communication capabilities advance with the growing need to collaborate and communicate with efficiency and ease. Integration is a vital step in that process. 

With Microsoft Teams having as many as 115 million users, having it integrated into your phone system enables your workforce to seamlessly blend their preferred in-house communications with their UC Platform. Organizations that take advantage of this integration experience a decrease in the number of applications in use. This helps increase productivity by allowing for collaboration from anywhere at any time. It also reduces time wasted switching from application to application. Additionally, it protects your team’s private phone numbers. Their business line can now be accessed using any device that Teams can function on, such as desktop or mobile phone. 

Why You May Need the Integration 

Microsoft Teams Integrations are the perfect solution for any business that is already utilizing Teams for internal communication and collaboration. As one of the top communication choices, Teams provides a powerful platform for your staff. Having your Unified Communications solution seamlessly built into Teams, multiplies its functionality and value. 

These integration capabilities put your business phone service within your Teams interface, thus unifying your communication experience entirely. This helps increase your entire team’s productivity by putting everything they need in one easily accessible platform. 

Because both Teams and Unified Communications are cloud-based solutions, it is easy to implement the usability of both and even easier to scale, as there is no hardware to be concerned with. Plus, no matter where your staff is located, or what device they use to place calls, they are connected to the rest of the organization and have access to their business phone number. 

Microsoft Teams Integrations

How Microsoft Teams Integrations Work 

While Microsoft Teams is capable of many useful things, unfortunately it leaves a lot wanting when it comes to communicating outside of your organization. This is where Microsoft Teams Integrations come into play. It allows for your Unified Communications service to pick-up where Teams left off. All within the same user-friendly platform. 

With your communications accessible on Team’s sidebar, you simply click and have access to your business line without ever having to fire up additional applications or devices. Microsoft Teams Integrations are perfect for any business needing to streamline processes and increase productivity, while ensuring ease-of-use. 

Unitel Makes Microsoft Teams Integrations Easy  

When teaming up your communications, our Microsoft Teams Integrations make it easier than ever. You can access your Cloud PBX system within the Teams interface. With Unitel you can finally build your perfect collaboration solution that allows for easy communication, both within the company and with your customers and outside contacts. 

Unitel knows that Teams is packed with helpful features like chat, file sharing, and calendar that make it a nice portal for co-worker cooperation. Thankfully through integrations, you can do so much more! When you integrate your Unitel Cloud PBX, communication is a breeze! 

Start utilizing your UC features within the Teams platform, like: 

  • Call Forwarding 
  • Speed-Dial 
  • 90-Day Call History 
  • Presence Indicator 
  • Visual Voice Mail 
  • And so much more! 

Finding the perfect solution to fit your business needs can be challenging, but Unitel is here to help with the latest communication solutions and integrations. As technology advances, we are right here making sure you’re getting the most out of our service, and Microsoft Teams integration is the perfect tool to help you with that! If you’re interested in integrating your communications with Microsoft Teams, Contact Us Today