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Moving on From Toshiba and what that means for you?

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It was announced mid-2017 that Toshiba would be ending their business phone division for good. This caused many phone companies to switch gears and change their clients’ phone systems, but there are still many people still using Toshiba phone systems. Are you still using Toshiba or another outdated phone system that still works, so, why should this matter to you?  

Having an outdated phone system can be detrimental to your business. From having an unsecured network, outdated technology that could decrease productivity, costly expenses, no support team, no flexibility for mobility, loss of data, and much more. A lousy phone system can ultimately result in loss of business. At Unitel, we will update and upgrade your old phone system so that you are not at risk and you can enjoy the many benefits of using cutting-edge and affordable technology that will grow with your company.  

We offer the best technology the industry has to offer. Toshiba users can switch to our new Unitel CloudPBX system, a dependable hosted VoIP service that will speed up your workflow. You’ll never have to worry about  

  • Having an unsecured network. This is an internet and cloud-based service that will keep your data and information more accessible from anywhere in the world. With Unitel, you’ll have the most secure and safe network around.  
  • Owning outdated equipment. Being on top of the best technology relevant to the growing changes in technology. Cloud-hosted VoIP will expand with your business. As your company grows in employees, clients, and customers, you want a service that will stay updated, not require costly upgrades or switching to a whole new system. This will be the only service you will ever need.  
  • Have costly expenses. Our hosted VoIP service is very affordable. No hidden fees, you will never need to switch to a new system and our CloudPBX stays updated with the latest technology that cost you nothing.  
  • Not having a trustworthy and reliable support team. We are here for you 24/7, whenever you need us. We work for you and want to give a superior system with the best team. No call queues, or long hold times and we get to know each business on a one-on-one basis. So, we will know exactly what is best for you and your organization.  
  • Having no flexibility for mobility. The CloudPBX system allows for the ability to move locations and your phone from one place to another without having to change your phone number. Secured data accessible in the cloud means that you can access it from anywhere and on any device. Keeping you organized and no longer confined to one location.  
  • Loss of data. All of your data is secure, safe and easily accessible through our cloud system that can be retrieved from anywhere in the world and on any device.  

CloudPBX will give you the peace of mind to never worrying about a phone system going out of business ever again. We’ll keep your costs low while providing you with the best solution to your outdated phone system. Contact soon to upgrade your old Toshiba system to the new Unitel CloudPBX today!