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A PBX Replacement: Heading to the Cloud 

Woman Looking for a PBX replacement

Recently, a PBX replacement is more of a necessity. On-premise PBX systems have served businesses well, but they’ve become outdated because they are difficult to support and upgrade. Businesses demand more adaptable and innovative technology to adjust to the modern workforce. Communication technology needs to keep up as more people work remotely, as an on-premise PBX is obsolete for those workers. Read on to learn why you need to head to the cloud for your PBX replacement.  

Mobile-Ready with a Cloud-Based Solution 

Gone are the days of being tied to a desk phone. While desk phones still have their place, the workforce is much more mobile now than ever before. A PBX replacement serves that mobile workforce by allowing them to make and receive calls on the go from any device, anywhere. Cloud-based providers offer apps that will integrate with your CRM, so you and your mobile employees can access your business contacts as if you were at your desk. 

Future-Proof with a Cloud-Based Solution 

There’s no need for expensive hardware upgrades in the next few years as the copper wire-based phone systems are becoming obsolete. As you go through PBX replacement and grow your communications network to a cloud-based PBX, the restrictions of an antiquated system will no longer be an issue for you.  

The providers are always upgrading the infrastructure and product features then implement them to their customers. There is no need to return or install any equipment as you had to in the past.  

Scalability with a Cloud-Based Solution 

If you’re looking for a PBX replacement, you’re going to want a solution that makes your job easier. One way a cloud-based PBX can make your job easier is to scale easily, and it does just that. If you’re growing quickly, budget your headcount for the number of desk phones you may need. It’s simple to add services too! Do you need a new extension? Do you need new phone numbers? Just head to your system’s admin portal and click a button. Scaling is as easy as a mouse-click. 

Solutions are also available at scale. Access your dashboard and turn on the solutions you need. Didn’t think you’d need a solution that you do? Turn it on with a click of a button. 

Cloud-Based Solutions Are Reliable 

The networks that deliver communications are secure and use the latest encryption technology. Whether you’re using your phone, chat, or video conferencing, know your messages are secure. Some providers offer HIPAA compliant services. If your Internet supplies enough bandwidth, call quality and stability shouldn’t be an issue. 

No Need for an IT Staff 

You have an IT staff to manage device issues, however, there’s no need to hire added staff to manage the phone service. Before your PBX replacement, you had an IT staff to support the hardware dedicated to your phone system. If you didn’t have dedicated staff to support your phone system, more than likely, that was an added charge from the provider. The support staff from your provider handles all the issues and support with no extra cost to you. This gives you and your budget one less thing to worry about. 

One Solution, One Provider 

Unify your communications under one umbrella. No need to have a phone, video, or chat provider and juggling multiple vendor contracts. You work with one provider, and one customer success team. Plus, if you need support, no need to remember which number to call. The simplicity reduces overall costs and easing the complexity of managing multiple vendors. 

Make The Move to the Cloud 

When thinking about a PBX replacement, there’s no better time to move to a cloud-based solution and the experts at Unitel are here to help. We’ll handle everything, from installation to service, in order to supply you with an excellent communications experience. Let’s get the conversation started. We want to hear about your needs and goals in switching to a cloud-based service. Contact us today