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Phone System Features That Improve Customer Service

Phone System Features

In order to grow your business, you will need to give customers what they crave, top notch customer service.  The phone system features of a business phone system can improve customer service in many ways.  With a cloud-based system your phone system will be flexible for your customers, efficient for your business representatives and convenient for your customers to connect with representatives. The analytics in a phone system can help you to structure your business to optimize customer service and help build strong connections through cloud-based phone systems. 

The Building Blocks of a Business Phone System 

Have you ever been on a phone call with someone while the line was cutting out, or maybe it sounded like the other person was in a tunnel?  Now imagine a customer contacting your business and having that be the connection.  This business damaging connection is completely avoidable.  The phone system features of a cloud-based system can instantaneously improve the connection quality.   Hosted PBX takes the connection from the office and to the cloud.  The cloud can create a strong connection to facilitate live conversations that customers link to personal connections with your representatives and your business. 

Hosted phone systems are always available.  Customers may not be available to call your business during regular business hours.  One of the most convenient phone system features is the availability built into the system. Whether your company uses call forwarding, voicemail or in-app alerts, your customers will always be taken care of through your answering rules.  Your answering rules can be customized to different daily activities including at a meeting, out of the office, or even fun holiday greetings.  Your phone system has the capability to utilize call history as well so you will never miss the opportunity to connect with a customer. 

Customer Friendly Phone System Features 

The efficiency of business phone systems is another phone system feature that can improve customer service. When a customer calls your business, they are hoping for a quick, reliable response. Customers are willing to wait 5 to 10 minutes on a call, however, the longer they wait, the more a customer believes your business is poorly run. That’s where Hosted PBX comes in. Through auto attendants, your company can quickly connect customers to correct employees saving your customer time and saving your employees from recurrently making transfers to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Mobility & Remote Usability 

Your Soft phone app is a phone system feature that can improve customer service through flexibility and efficiency.  When using the app, your office extension is routed to your mobile device, allowing you to take voice or video calls while you are on the go. You can also use your message and chat functions that are associated with your office Hosted PBX when using the soft phone app.    

Another great feature about the app is its security.  You can rest assured that your personal information associated with your mobile device is secure and remains private.  This flexibility allows you to assist your customers even when you are out of the brick-and-mortar office. This increased mobility gives your customers more access to your customer service representatives. When customers can reach the employee that can best serve them, customer satisfaction rises. 

Call Recording 

Call recording gives you the ultimate control over your interactions. When the worst happens, and your customers have a bad experience, call recording can save you. You can use call recording to train employees to avoid negative customer interactions. You can also use call recording to exemplify outstanding customer service calls. 

Not only does call recording help you train your employees to better satisfy your customers’ needs, but it also helps turn leads into customers. Through call recording, you can sift through to find the information that customers and leads respond to the most. 


Analyzing calls is another phone system feature that business phone systems can improve customer service. When looking at your phone analytics, you can learn when your business has high and low call volume. You can analyze the average wait time for customers as well as the average call length.   

When taking this information into account, you can add representatives when there is a higher need, cutting customer wait times even more. This can also save your business money by concentrating representatives to work hours when call volume is high and reducing representatives during low call volume times. Your customers will be more satisfied with quick, efficient phone service. 

phone system features

Unitel Delivers Phone System Features That Help You Improve Customer Service 

Customers reward businesses with good customer service. Once a customer has positive experiences with a business, they are more likely to repeat business, and refer friends to those companies. This organic growth can be tracked back to the representatives that use these phone system features.  

Unitel’s CloudPBX is the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve their customer service and grow their revenue. Our platform is designed to give your team control over your communications. CloudPBX offers complete flexibility, scalability, and reliability. What are you waiting for? Start improving your customer service quicker with Unitel’s CloudPBX phone system. Contact us today to learn more!