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Remote Work Tools

remote work tools

Offering your employees the best remote work tools is more important than ever. Global Workplace Analytics has predicted 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home by the end of 2021. Employees desire a safe work environment where they can work efficiently from wherever they may be. With that desire comes the needs for more effective remote work tools. 

Unified Communications allows you to create a workspace wherever you, or your employees, may be.  This freedom supports remote work better than ever before.  With a cloud-based system, your remote employees will have up to the minute information that will allow them to better foster all business relationships. No matter where your employees are working from, Unified Communications deliver remote work tools that are fast, reliable and easy to connect with coworkers as well as clients. 

Remote Work Tools for Personal Connections with Clients 

Without a doubt, the best aspects of Unified Communications are the features that facilitate personal connections. While creating and promoting a positive relationship between remote workers is a top priority, it is of utmost importance to focus on customer experience. Through the remote work tools that Unified Communications provides, remote workers can provide the same customer experience as if they were in the office. 

Call Management 

For a great customer experience, caller management needs to be top notch. With Unified Communications, you can set up and utilize auto attendants to help route callers to the correct employee, wherever they are located. Calls that would normally come into an office can be routed to your remote worker through call forwarding. When using their soft phone or app, remote workers can rest assured that their personal information will remain secure even though they may be using their personal devices. Transferring customer calls between remote workers is also remarkably simple through your Unified Communications system. 

Up-To-Date Customer Data 

Unified Communications allows your remote employees to see all current company information. This includes information you may have on individual leads or customers as well as inventory and business-related information. Having current and up to date information at your fingertips allows remote employees to best serve your clients without any wait time. 

Personal Connections Between Remote Workers 

In the past, working remotely created isolated employees; that is no longer the case.  The interactive interface of Unified Communications brings employees together to promote creativity while fostering positive work relationships. Highlighted below are a few key features that Unified Communications uses to support remote workers. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more amazing remote work tools that your employees will love. 


In the world of Unified Communications for business, email is the new snail mail. Email responses can be very slow and put a halt to your otherwise productive workday. This process speeds up when your remote workers utilize the chat feature or their Unified Communications system. This instantaneous messaging allows for faster communication between employees. Your employees have the option of sending text messages as well as voice messages.  

Workspace Collaboration 

While working miles or even continents apart, employees need a lot of remote work tools to collaborate. Potentially the most collaborative being video conferencing. While working and collaborating, video conferencing allows remote workers the option to screen share. While using this feature, your remote workers can pause and resume sharing to effectively share documents, applications, and more. They can also use a chat feature to share documents and links, all within the same platform. This functionality lets your remote workers collaborate on one or multiple projects at once and keep projects organized. 

Host Virtual Meetings 

Bring your remote workers together when you host virtual meetings. Not only can you hold audio conference calls and video conferences, you can also host webinars. Several participants can be active during your webinar; you can also use the record feature to make the webinar available for those who could not participate live. You can also use these recordings as training for new/future employees or even on-demand product demonstrations. 

The host of the meeting has complete control over the experience. You can assign a presenter and send messages to meeting attendees. Meeting hosts can mute or unmute participants as well as remove participants who may need to be excused. Hosts also have the option to lock the meeting as well as lock screen share. Meaning you’re in full control of your virtual meetings. 

remote work tools

Let Unitel Help Your Remote Workers with the Right Remote Work Tools 

After a year of uncertainty, there is one thing we do know, the option for remote work isn’t going anywhere. According to studies, 99% of remote workers would like to continue working remotely to some extent. 

Unitel knows your remote employees crave convenient and enjoyable interactions with clients and coworkers alike. CloudPBX by Unitel offers a solution that is not only user friendly but also brings your remote employees together even though they may be physically distant. 

Unitel’s CloudPBX offers your employee the remote work tools they need to not only work efficiently, but also effectively. Contact us today to get your remote workers on the path to better business relationships.