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Cloud Services

Unitel’s Cloud Computing Solutions that will take your business above your expectations

Cloud computing solutions provide businesses with the power of efficient remote collaboration in real-time. Using powerful tools, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Exchange, and SharePoint, your employees have the ability to share, edit, and publish documents within a single system.

What is Cloud Computing?

Before you make the transition to our cloud computing solutions, it is important that you understand what they can help your business achieve. Our one-of-a-kind cloud computing solutions allow for the storing, processing, and managing of data on an external server, rather than forcing a single server or computer to perform each duty individually. This saves money on technology, frees processing powers, speeds up efficiency, and creates a system where data is backed up, eliminating any potential loss of data.

What can you expect from cloud computing?

Cloud computing solutions yield improved communications, enhanced business processes, and the flexibility of rapid application switching on universally up-to-date software. Unitel is a leading provider of cloud solutions to businesses across the nation looking for a more economical solution for collaboration.

Unitel offers an affordable way to enjoy cloud services as well as the business benefits of email encryption, and physical and virtual machine backups, not to mention the convenience of being able to access your data, wherever you are in the world.

The benefits of Unitel's cloud solutions

Smooth Business Mergers

If you are hoping to expand or merge your business with another, cloud computing can help you make an almost seamless transition. Oftentimes, the transfer of data is one of the biggest holdups for newly merged businesses or organizations. What could sometimes take years to complete, now takes a fraction of the time when you utilize our cloud computing solutions. Our cloud computing solutions enable members of your cloud network to easily view and access data at their convenience.

Cutting Edge Technology

Today, technology plays a crucial role in your company's ability to compete with global, national, and even local competitors. Fortunately, our cloud computing solutions make it easier for you to achieve this. Since the introduction of cloud solutions, a number of businesses have created businesses and services specifically designed for internal cloud computing users. With the right technological advances, such as our cloud solutions, your business can always be up-to-date.


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