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Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Lower costs and eliminate the challenges of maintaining in-house computer hardware for your business.

Unitel's Hardware as a Service Program

As a 21st-century business owner, you’re probably aware of the constant shifts in technology that almost every industry faces. Evolving your business alongside the ever-evolving IT world can be difficult – which is where Unitel‘s Hardware as a Service program, or HaaS, comes in.

Many businesses struggle with the initial investment, continuing maintenance, and constant upgrading/replacement of computer hardware within their company. It requires capital and IT knowledge to keep your infrastructure top-of-the-line. Unitel’s HaaS programs are the perfect way to relieve IT upgrade-related stress and reduce expenses for businesses.

With a Hardware as a Service program you can keep payments steady while lowering large outlays of money. Since you are buying a service that qualifies as an operating cost, not a piece of equipment, you save money on taxes as well.

man fixing computer hardware - hardware as a service program

Why Unitel's Hardware as a Service

With Unitel’s Hardware as a Service program you can eliminate the major expense and frustrations that come along with the growing need for new equipment and operating systems within your company.

For a flat monthly fee, our HaaS program provides your business with the hardware, operating systems, software applications and warranty services that your business requires. When you partner with Unitel’s HaaS program, you gain access to the hardware, software, services, and IT expertise you need to maintain your competitive advantage in the continuously-changing digital landscape. Don’t waste time or resources on your IT infrastructure upgrades – under HaaS, Unitel can expertly handle your transitions, ensuring your new technology meets your business’ needs.


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