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Managed Services

Get affordable network maintenance and IT support service for your business.

We Make Managed Services affordable

Your business depends on technology, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay an IT support technician to just sit around waiting for something to go wrong. Through our managed services, your business has 24/7 access to our highly skilled IT support technicians without the cost of putting an IT support service professional on your staff.

Not only do the professional IT support technicians at Unitel work to quickly resolve your issues as they come up, but we also take a proactive approach to help prevent your business from experiencing technical issues in the future.

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The best features of our managed services

Private Network

Our Private Network provides secure access to your IT infrastructure.

All-inclusive IT

Get predictable budgeting with flat-rate IT services - includes hardware and software!

24/7 Monitoring

get peace of mind knowing your systems are protected by unitel.

Managed Firewalls

access a range of application control, antivirus, antispyware and antispam protection, web filtering, network security management and reporting solutions.

What Are Managed Services?

Managed services is when your business outsources various IT functions to a third-party like Unitel. Historically, companies would not worry about IT until something broke. Resulting in a loss of revenue due to downtime and data loss.

According to CompTia, more than 60% of organizations are using some form of managed IT services today.

The Benefits Of Unitel's
Managed Services

Talent Needs

By 2030 telecommunications and technology industries are predicted to be short by 4.3 million skilled workers globally. Safeguard your team from the lack of IT support with preemptive staffing.

Keeping Up With Technology

Reinforce your IT team by hiring an MSP, allowing your in-house personnel to focus on supporting your business instead of spending their time on mundane tasks.


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