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Simplify Your Office Communications with Hosted VoIP

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The right business phone system could be the key to improving customer service for your business. A great communication solution is vital to business in this day and age. A cloud-based solution could be the difference between success and failure during the Covid era. If you are still running on plain, outdated telephone service, it’s time for an upgrade. A hosted VoIP system can be just what your business needs to open communications and save money at the same time.  

What is Hosted VoIP? 

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Hosted VoIP allows for phone service over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. This can also be called private branch exchange, or PBX. VoIP is made possible by taking the information being exchanged (your voice) and turning it into digital data that can be transmitted quickly through the internet. Due to the nature of VoIP, voice calls can be made not only through the hardwired telephone, but also through computers, smartphones, IP phones, and mobile devices.  

VoIP for Business 

VoIP phone solutions are usually offered in two different delivery formats. VoIP comes in the form of hosted VoIP and on-premise VoIP. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each form of VoIP delivery for businesses to see which one would be best suited to your business.  

On-premise VoIP 

On-premise VoIP allows the business to access cloud-based phone service with the entire infrastructure based inside of the business office. Most businesses house the communications equipment inside a “communications closet.” This is a great option for businesses that want to have complete control over their setup. 

Pros of an on-premise VoIP system include ownership and responsibility of the system. Once you pay upfront for installation, set up and maintenance, the system is yours. You are responsible for any future upgrades, updates, and maintenance associated with your VoIP solution.  

Cons of an on-premise VoIP system are the same as the pros. As someone who owns and operates the system, any costs associated with it are also your responsibility. You may even need to hire an IT person to address any issues that may arise.  

Hosted VoIP 

Hosted VoIP, as stated earlier, is cloud-based and offered through a provider. Pros of a hosted VoIP solution are mostly associated with the provider. Your provider will come and install your hosted VoIP solution for you. They are also responsible for maintenance and updates.  

Cons of a hosted VoIP system is the monthly fee. This fee is oftentimes much lower than the cost of traditional phone service. However, the fee is a recurring monthly bill that will need to be accounted for.  

Hosted VoIP Features and Benefits 

Hosted VoIP comes with many communication-enhancing features and benefits that would be great for your business. A cloud-based phone solution of course allows you to make phone calls, but also so much more. VoIP often offers auto attendants, call forwarding, call park, call hold, call routing, audio conferencing, voice mail and so much more.  

Since 2020, we have learned how important flexibility is for a business. If you have a cloud-based phone system, your employees will be able to access their business phone system using a softphone or mobile applications no matter where they are working from. This is especially crucial for remote and hybrid workers.  

Scalability is a huge benefit when it comes to cloud-based VoIP solutions. As your business grows, additional “lines” are as simple as adding another user. With the use of softphones, you don’t even need to buy additional hardware. However, if you would like another handset, that is the only purchase you need to make to add a user to your solution.  

Unitel Is Here To Help You Simplify 

Unitel can help you get started with either an on-premise or hosted VoIP for your business. Our specialists can walk you through each solution and help you figure out which system is best for you and your business. Here at Unitel, we want to do the “heavy lifting” associated with phone communications so you can focus on your business goals. Contact us to get started today!