Unitel’s Hosted PBX Phone System Solution

Unitel CloudPBX

Better Features

Hosted PBX features are more extensive and cost effective than traditional PBX

Easier to User

Hosted PBX makes every call simple from all business phones

More Scalable

easily size up as your business needs grow, no matter what size you are

lightbulb papers with hand placing one paper down - hosted pbx is a brilliant idea

More Flexibility

take your communications where you need them


build the perfect plan for your business with the features you need

build your perfect office phone system plan with hosted pbx - hand pointing to plan A


phones are now a helpful tool that can be utilized in so many ways

What's the difference?

Learn the difference between Hosted PBX and traditional on-premises phone systems.

Unitel CloudPBX

Are you still getting your phones from the phone company? Unitel’s Hosted PBX can save you headaches and money!

Learn the difference between cloud PBX versus the traditional on-premises phone systems. By asking yourself just a few simple questions, you can run a more productive and efficient business.

Cost Efficient Business Communications

Business owners today are swapping from a traditional phone system to a cloud-based PBX so they can start benefiting from the savings involved with a hosted service. By joining the world of cloud-based PBX, a business owner can abandon the expense associated with having a traditional phone system and all the minute fees that go along with that, and replacing these expenses with one small monthly cost. Through a Hosted PBX service, a business phone can now easily accommodate the ever growing needs of customers and employees alike through unlimited long and local calls for one low, monthly cost. 

The Advantages of Unitel CloudPBX

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Any business that relies on rock solid communications needs a hosted PBX service. Your phone system and feature solutions will send your business into the future. Hosted PBX services are the perfect solution for any size business, from micro-business to the largest call center.

With the new advances of the internet, the desire for a business to swap from a traditional phone system to a Hosted VoIP service is growing. A Hosted PBX service boasts numerous features that business owners are beginning to think of as not only luxuries, but necessities.

As a cloud-based solution, your phones are linked from all around the world through high speed internet connections. Every phone in your office shares a link, and personal cell phones can also share this same connection and become a portable office phone with a Hosted PBX system.