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On-Site VoIP Solutions

Customize your solution with On-Site VoIP.

Your Premise-Based Solution

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enterprises and SMBs can scale up and down as needed

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take complete control over your phone system

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all Unified Communications features included

Why On-Site VoIP?

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A premise-based VoIP system is simply a phone system where all hardware that is required to run the system is housed on site.

On-Site VoIP solutions are packed with features, highly scalable and flexible, and give you total control of your phone system.

Managed and maintained by your on-staff IT department, on-premise VoIP system gives your business complete control over your solution.

As a reliable system, you can configure it to serve your specific needs, giving you the best functionality from your communications system.

When to Choose Premise-Based VoIP



Unitel‘s On-Site VoIP is the perfect solution for a business that needs more control over their communications and can afford higher upfront costs and maintenance. It allows for your team solely to control your connection, which protects your business from outside influences. 

Looking for less up-front costs and maintenance that falls on the provider? Hosted PBX may be the right move for your business.

What to Consider with On-Site VoIP


  • Do you have an on-staff IT department that can maintain and manage your on-premise phone system?
  • Do you need outsourced or service provider management?


  • Do you have a redundancy and resiliency plan in place?
  • Do you need help ensuring phone service redundancy?

Long-Term Benefits

Unitel’s premise-based VoIP phone systems are easy to manage, feature-packed, and provide the functionality, flexibility, and value your business deserves. On-site VoIP utilizes the tried and true technology of legacy systems, while providing advanced functionality of VoIP.