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Transform Remote Work with an All-In-One Solution

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In the past 18 months, remote work has become a vital part of the business world. When the 2020 pandemic sent workers home, businesses had to come up with a way to continue serving their customers while workers stayed home. Many businesses were unprepared for this change and, sadly, failed. Other businesses were able to scramble and whip together a solution to the remote work dilemma.  

However, a lot of businesses did not choose a streamlined communications solution. They “made” a patchwork solution that had employees using several different apps and online services. This mashup of services was not only inconvenient for employees but also allowed for important communications to slip through the cracks, lowering customer service.  

The good news is that there is a better way to support hybrid and remote work. All-in-one communications solutions can not only improve employees’ workdays but also improve customer service. These solutions combine voice, video, and messaging. When employees can efficiently access their information, fewer messages are missed, collaboration among employees is improved, and productivity increases.  

Features That Support Collaboration During Remote Work 

There are many features of an all-in-one communication solution that can benefit and support remote work. While most features will be used throughout the workday, there are two particular collaboration tools that make a big difference to the efficiency and productivity of remote work. These two collaboration tools are video conferencing and messaging.  

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a great tool that allows employees to communicate with each other face to face from miles away. 70-93% of what people say is nonverbal. If coworkers are trying to collaborate through voice calls alone, they could be missing some much-needed clarification only available through nonverbal cues. 

Video conferencing also allows for screen sharing and file sharing. These two features are crucial for collaboration and remote work. Screen sharing allows coworkers to discuss and work together in real-time.  


Messaging is important for coworker communication. Email can sometimes take a long time. Email is not always seen right away, and replies can take a while to come back putting a halt to the workday. On the other hand, messaging is instantaneous. Responses come back much faster than email which helps support collaboration. With messaging, people can ask questions, get quick answers and move on so their workflow doesn’t stop.  

Perks of an All-In-One Solution 

There are many perks for employees when a business adopts an all-in-one solution. Most of this positivity centers around the ease of use of a cloud-based system.  

When employees don’t have to bounce around from tab to tab on their browser, their frustration levels lower. Employees are both excited and relieved to only have to learn one platform. Once the user is trained on the solution, they can easily complete tasks without the need to utilize multiple applications.  

Most importantly, all the business assets are conveniently housed in one location. This includes information on company products, company clients, and all communications mentioned earlier. When an employee is trying to assist customers or even just look up information, the time they save by not needing to search can save the company a lot of money in productivity.  

Offer Remote Work with a Great All-in-One Solution 

If you are ready to offer your employees an all-in-one remote work solution, Unitel is here for you. Our unified communications solution has all the features your workers need to be successful either in-office or working remotely. Not only do we offer excellent products, but also excellent customer service. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts. We are here to help you and your company be successful!