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Trends Your IT Security Team Needs to Monitor in 2023 

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Digital transformation is one of the latest buzzwords and businesses of all sizes are relying on computers and software to conduct business. Most of these functions are connected to the Internet which opens up the risk for hacking. Cybersecurity should be a goal to protect data from various threats or unauthorized access. 

As we head into 2023, here are some of the cybersecurity trends your IT security solutions team needs to be on the lookout for this year. 

Use of managed service providers 

Staffing shortages are hitting all industries and professions. IT is not immune either. The demand for technical professionals in telecom and cybersecurity is exceeding the supply of these professionals.  This will open businesses up to vulnerabilities when it comes to security threats as hackers become more advanced in their tactics. Businesses will have to rely on managed service providers (MSP), channel partners, or systems integrators for IT security and to help contain and prevent these cyber-attacks. MSPs are experts in cybersecurity and will be relied on even more. 

Increased cybersecurity trainings 

Ransomware and Malware attacks aren’t going away anytime soon. With more people working from home and outside the protection of enterprise security and firewalls, systems are more vulnerable than ever. Human error is one of the main causes of security breaches. Employees can’t ignore security advice. There will be an increase in IT security training to provide awareness and what to look out for when it comes to ransomware, and malware. Recognizing phishing attacks through email should be a focus. 

Merging Vendors to Mitigate Risk 

Managing multiple vendors opens the door for risk. Because of this, more companies will be looking to review their vendor relationships and eliminate potential redundancies. Companies who have a phone system, video conferencing tool, and other communications systems will be transitioning to a unified system to cut down on costs and cybersecurity risk. Companies will look to build an IT structure using a group of trusted vendors. 

Multi-factor Authentication 

You might receive some groans, but multi-factor authentication is going to become more prevalent in 2023. Firewalls and security monitoring aren’t enough these days. Even with the most secure server, there’s still a human element involved that can trip up any IT security systems. Implementing multiple layers of authentication is another way to safeguard your employees from hacks into your systems. When a user logs, they are then asked for two other methods of authentication, that only they’ll know: 

  • 5-digits of social security 
  • Mobile phone number 
  • Authentication codes sent to backup email address 

Cloud Security 

More businesses are uploading data into the cloud and it’s data sought after by hackers and cyber thieves. The fines that could result from a data breach, especially in the financial and healthcare sectors, can be substantial. Not only are the financial stakes high, but the brand’s reputation for not taking their data security seriously. Businesses are at risk if they’re not configuring their cloud’s security properly. It’s imperative that any vendor relationships you enter, the vendor is encrypting and monitoring their cloud systems. As a business owner, you have the right to verify and check that your data is encrypted. 2023 is going to be a year where business owners and information security officers mitigate their risk. 

Artificial Intelligence 

The rise of artificial intelligence in all industries will affect IT security. Machine learning has brought changes in cybersecurity, as AI has been key in the development of security systems, natural language processing (NLP), and biometrics. AI and machine learning can be implemented to threat detection systems to predict threats and notify IT admins so they can stop the threat from even happening. As the systems learn, they become more advanced and sophisticated. 

Unitel and IT Security Solutions

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