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4 Ways Unified Communications and Collaboration Benefits Productivity 

woman using unified communications and collaboration

One measure of a business’s success is how productive its employees are.  After all, if your employees aren’t working, are things really getting done?  Most companies are willing to try anything to get their employees to be more productive.  Standing desks? Food?  You name it.   

Quit bribing your employees with quarterly staff luncheons, and try unified communications. With an array of features, designed to fit the needs of businesses large and small, unified communications and collaboration amongst your team can benefit your office productivity in a variety of ways.  Here are 4 ways that unified communications and collaboration benefit productivity. 


Unified communications and collaboration take your regular phone system to the next level.  With a UC platform, you have better access to more streamlined calling and conferencing.  The conferencing feature allows for team meetings without the whole team needing to be in the same place at once. 

You may have heard it said that most of what we say is really what we don’t say.  It’s true!  In fact, it’s estimated that as much as 93% of what we say is non-verbal.  Going into a phone call instead of a traditional meeting means you miss out on so much that’s not being said.   

With unified communications, you can say goodbye to regular audio calls – if you want.  Unified communications allow for collaboration with video calling, so you can see facial expressions and body language in real-time. Getting clear communication is important to ensure that fewer mistakes are made, keeping your team functioning as productively as possible. 


Speaking of clear communication, did you know that the average e-mail response time is over 12 hours? One of the best ways for a team to be more productive is to increase the speed of communication.  If you have to wait over 12 hours for an e-mail, your task is often put on hold until you get a response.   

As part of a unified communications platform, instant messaging and chat features will significantly increase the speed of communication amongst your team.  Your team will be able to instantly connect with each other to discuss the work that needs to be done or customer needs.  This type of unified communications and collaboration is driving better customer service and higher productivity. 

Analytics and Data Tracking 

Additionally, the analytics and data tracking features of unified communications give you insight into data that can keep your business running more productively and efficiently.  Unified communications and collaboration are possible with analytics that tracks incoming call volume so you can schedule your employees to work at the times your business needs it. 

Unified communications and collaboration are also accomplished with data tracking.  Your unified communications platform will allow your team to keep notes on customer needs and interactions, so if they’re handled by another member of your team, that information will be readily available.  This type of data tracking benefits productivity by allowing for a continuity of the same great customer service from interaction to interaction. 


Last but not least, we have mobility.  The mobility of unified communications allows you the ability to go anywhere and still connect with your customers, your team, and your business partners.  Unified communications is a platform that can be put on computers and mobile devices, so you can make your business work around your schedule.   

Whether you’re traveling, have to work from home, or have multiple offices, having the mobility of unified communications will keep your business and your team productive, no matter what life throws your way. 

Unified Communications and Collaboration Benefit Productivity 

Unified communications and collaboration can greatly benefit your team’s productivity with the help of Unitel.  Unitel’s Unified Communications platform is the solution your business needs to benefit productivity.  If you have any questions about how unified communications and collaboration can help your business, we have specialists waiting to talk to you. Contact us today!