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The Role of Unified Communications in Enhancing User Experience

The Role of Unified Communications Benefits in Enhancing UX

A primary selling point of Unified Communications is simplifying the management of internal systems, but there is a secondary UC benefit that should be taking center stage: your users’ experience. The User Experience (UX) is primarily how the users of the system interact with and complete actions. It seems straightforward, but these experiences will greatly impact their entire working experience. 

How Investing in Unified Communication Helps Your Bottom Line and Boosts the User Experience 

Freedom and flexibility come to mind when talking about unified communications benefits. Your pool of potential employees will explode when you bring Unitel’s unified communications offering into the fold. You can utilize the most advanced technology to get the most out of your employees through a system designed to make their lives easier. If it sounds too good to be true, think again. According to Harvard Business Review, employees are 230 percent more engaged and 85 percent more likely to stay in a job for more than three years if they have technology that supports them at work. Now that we know the stats, it’s time to examine the benefits below.  

Work From Anywhere 

Remote or hybrid work isn’t going away, and the numbers agree. A recent Pew Research study shows that 35 percent of workers who can work remotely do so all the time, down from pandemic highs of 55 percent in October 2020 and a pre-pandemic low of only seven percent in 2019.   

For example, in years past, if an employee’s car wouldn’t start, they were forced to take a PTO day, but now with remote work, there is no loss in production, and you have happy customers with no idea things are any different. This will take the unintended burden off those employees who would have normally had to cover the work for the day, resulting in happier people all around. 

All-In-One Collaborations Tools 

Due to UC’s interconnected nature, messaging, call activity, and workforce management can all be handled in one easy-to-use system. Unified communications benefit all channels of communication. For example, if two employees need to discuss customers’ concerns, they can video call and share screens to reduce confusion and get the customer in the right place. Instead of emailing or messaging back and forth, you are left with less frustration and less time to resolve the concern with an integrated video call. 

Improvement in Company Culture 

UC takes the guesswork and ambiguity out of a typical business day. All users can see presence, and can instant message when questions arise, all without assuming what people are doing. A 2022 Gallup report states that, due to a lack of communication engagement with fellow employees and managers, they are 3.8 times more likely to say they are stressed at work. Communication increases morale by showing everyone they are on the same team and moving in the same direction. Unified communications benefit the inner team player in all of us; harmony is had by all. 

Interaction Reporting that Reduces Burnout 

Unified communication benefits those often-overlooked business areas where a human touch is still needed. Here’s a typical example: you have a rockstar employee who is always available to take calls and has the most assigned clients on the team, but you start to get an uptick in emails from clients about response times. You begin to dig into the total interaction numbers and see they are taking the most calls and email interactions. They have been trying to do it all without causing trouble for anyone else. You now take this info and offer to reduce their client load to a more reasonable amount. The employees feel taken care of, the clients get directed to those with the available bandwidth, and you can now build system safeguards that notify you of interaction thresholds. 

UC is More Than Connected Software; It Unifies Your Employees 

Your business is the apparent winner with unified communication benefits, but your employees get a boost as well. Whether you need to widen your application pools, make collaboration more accessible, or get a better handle on customer experience, UC is a powerful choice. Contact us today to discuss how Unitel can enhance your user’s experience.