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Elevate Your Virtual Meetings with Expert Video Conference Setup 

Team discussing the best video conference setup

Elevate Your Virtual Meetings with Expert Video Conference Setup  

Monday meetings have changed; instead of a whole team locked up in one tiny room, now there could be some team members joining a virtual room from all across the world. This is nothing new; remote work has come a long way in recent years. So, what has changed? Well, other than our context (we’re not in a pandemic anymore), technology. That’s why today we want to discuss the importance of a video conference set up for remote workers, its benefits, and where it fits in 2024. 

What Is a Video Conference Setup? 

A video conference setup is the technology behind setting up a video conferencing codec (hardware, software, or web conferencing browser), a video camera, microphone, or speaker, and somewhere to display said video to communicate through virtual meetings. This allows one to communicate with people from a long distance without compromising video and audio quality. In other words, a video conference setup enables team communication from different locations. 

Video Conference Setup in 2024 

In 2023, some workplaces introduced policies to mandate the return to the office. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t excite employees as much as employers. In fact, according to a poll by FlexJobs, 56 percent of surveyed professionals know someone who has quit or plans to leave due to return-to-office mandates.

A successful conference video setup helps companies reduce quit rates

This and other factors tremendously affected the road for return-to-office policies for 2024, some stating that they will be vanishing in this new year. Reinforcing what we already know: remote work came to stay. A video conference setup can bring many new opportunities for you and your team, for example: hiring people outside your local area, participating in workshops from experts all across the globe, and other benefits that we will dive deeper into. 

Benefits of Video Conference Setup 

There are five video conference setup benefits that we want to highlight.   

1. Professionalism 

    Conducting business with an elevated video conference setup benefits not only your communication but also your professional image. With high-resolution displays and high-quality audio, your videoconferences will evolve from a cloudy laptop camera to a top-notch display, offering the transparency investors, partners, and clients are looking for.   

    2. Flexibility 

    Although we previously mentioned the demand for remote work, there needed to be more emphasis on how vital remote work actually is to the business world. According to recent reports, more than two-thirds of companies in the U.S. will offer more flexibility regarding work locations. The report suggests that companies have seen the benefits of flexibility. They can attract more talent and increase employee satisfaction and productivity by giving the employees what they want. 

    A video conference setup allows flexibility without compromising professionalism. 

    3. Cost and Time-Saving 

    Traveling, whether by car or plane, to meet with colleagues, clients, or partners can be expensive and time-consuming. But with a video conference setup, this should not be a struggle: you can allow employees to meet with anyone from anywhere in the world without having to pay for accommodations, food, and transportation. 

    It also makes your team more productive without wasting time moving from one location to another. 

    4. Team Collaboration and Development

    As Al Pacino said in Scarface, “The eyes, chico. They never lie”. Getting to know the team and how they communicate, not only with words but their gestures or facial expressions, can help you better understand your team.  

    Video conferencing provides a tool for team collaboration for those working remotely. Investing in a video conference setup allows your employees to work together, even from miles away. 

    5. Fast and Easy to Use

    A video conference setup can help you make decisions quickly without meeting face-to-face. It’s also fast and easy to set up a virtual meeting; you don’t need to be tech-savvy to schedule a meeting and manage the equipment. If your team is intimidated by new technology, make sure your providers can support you through any phase of the adoption process. 

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