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Virtual Faxing

See how our solution can bring your business into the 21st century when paired with Unitel's cloud-based phone systems!

Communications for the Modern Age

Contrary to popular belief, virtual faxing services evolved alongside telecommunications. It has graduated from loud, bulky machines to sleek, internet-based applications. Today, businesses can fax important documents and confidential information to a client or partner from any internet-connected device with Unitel’s Virtual Faxing solution paired with our Cloud-Based Phone System!

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Benefits Of The Unitel Solution

Preserve Confidentiality

Maintain Compliance

Ensure Reliable Delivery

Track Open & View Rates

Increase Sustainability

Your All-In-One Platform


Send & receive important documents: virtually & securely!

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Make work calls via desk phone, softphone, or mobile app!

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Collaborate with your team in one easy-to-use platform!

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Unleash The Capabilites You Need

Our virtual faxing solution + cloud based phone system provides businesses with the highest levels of security on an easy-to-use desktop and mobile application. No more constant repairs to outdated machines! Reach out to get started today!