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VoIP Solutions

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We here at Unitel know that communication is key to every business. You have to talk with your customers, your staff, place orders, and be accessible in the most efficient way possible. Old landline phones don’t cut it anymore, in this day and age you need a more modern solution. Even with the advent of instant messaging and emails, it’s still hard to cover your communications needs. So why not move onto the new way to fill your communication needs – telephone systems that use VoIP. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will allow you to make calls over the internet rather than using outdated landlines. This allows you to answer calls in remote locations via laptop or a mobile phone. You’ll be able to forward emails, make calls, and even check your voicemail all from your PC. All these benefits will help you cut your telecommunication costs to save you money, and even help you avoid installation and maintenance fees. VoIP will even upgrade your fax from using PSTN to a real-time fax transmission, so no more high-cost for long distance faxing or incompatibility. By using a fax interface you can convert the data into packets and ensure complete delivery. All of these features are user-friendly and have easy to use interfaces. 

With all of that, you can see how landline phones, emails, and even instant messaging doesn’t cut it anymore. Don’t let your communication slip with outdated methods. Stay ahead in the modern age with all the improvements that come with it. Replace all your old hardware with a new system that will only cost you a fraction of what the old one did. Contact us at Unitel so we can get your communications moving forward with a system that is the right fit for you.