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Why Companies Have Trouble Finding Skilled Tech Workers

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To one extent or another, technology is a driving element in modern business. Because of this, IT Support employees are considered to be the backbone of nearly every company. However, many small business owners and managers struggle with finding skilled tech workers. 

A recent survey estimated that 87 percent of technology startups are currently hiring and an equal number of them are struggling to find qualified technology workers with the skills that they are looking for. It’s not uncommon these days to hear tech executives complaining that highly skilled talent is rare. 

Finding Skilled Tech Workers 

Many small business owners are finding that a great deal of recent graduates have the overall textbook knowledge related to their field but fail when it comes to applying specific knowledge to real world practices. In short, they are in need of additional “real world” training. Most small businesses are looking for IT Support employees who can solve the tech issues that they are simply not capable of handling themselves. “How can we train a tech employee to do what we can’t?” 

Once you find qualified tech talent you face another hurdle. Everybody else wants to hire them too. Nearly 30 percent of small businesses surveyed claimed that they felt competing for the tech employees was even more difficult than finding the talent in the first place. How does a small business compete when you have major tech corporations such as Google promoting massive internship programs? 

For many startups, the problem finding highly skilled tech employees is an immigration issue. Everybody needs skilled techs on staff and our education system simply isn’t producing enough candidates into the workforce. However, current immigration policies discourage foreigners from joining startups because most don’t support the work visa requirements. They want to come work for innovative startups but can’t risk losing their visa. 

Outsourcing IT Support Services 

For most small business owners, outsourcing is one of the best IT Support Solutions. Many business owners will admit that once they outsourced their tech issues they no longer desired an in-house tech department. They get highly skilled and experienced tech talent and at a lower cost to the company. It’s the perfect solution for both large and small business needs. 

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