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Why a Hosted PBX System is a Must-Have for Today’s Modern Business 

hosted pbx system

The world of business communications and technology moves quickly. Taking a quote from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Business technology is no different. We get entrenched in our ways and don’t take the time to see what’s around us, and we get left behind. 

Don’t let your phone system be why your business is left behind. Like Ferris, get on that parade float, and make the leap from your current phone system to a hosted PBX system.  

Below we outline why a hosted PBX system is a must-have for today’s modern business. 

What is a Hosted PBX System? 

Let’s define a hosted PBX system. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, a telephone system used within a company to manage calls. In the past, businesses would have to install their own PBX system on their premises. With the rise of cloud technology, businesses can now use a hosted PBX system hosted and supported by a third-party provider.  

The technology is designed to support businesses and improve their operations. Here are the benefits that make a hosted PBX system a must-have. 


  • If you’re using a traditional phone system, or even a VoIP phone, you are missing out on hosted pbx system capabilities. El Guapo in Three Amigos had a plethora of pinatas, but even he’d be jealous of the plethora of features a hosted PBX system provides. Why only use voice when you can take advantage of other features, like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), auto-attendants, smart call routing, and mobility? A hosted PBX system enables you to use video conferencing and instant messaging, as well as integrate other business tools, like your CRM, to truly unify your communications. 


  • How frustrating is it to add users to your current phone system? You want to grow your business, and your phone needs to grow with you. A hosted PBX system is designed to grow with you, and scaling up is simple. Add users with a few clicks of a mouse in the web portal, and the extension is available in minutes instead of days or weeks.   
  • Since the provider is hosting the system, there’s no need to tinker with any hardware to add extensions. The scalability of a hosted system ensures you pay for what you need. 

Saves You Money 

  • Stop throwing money at your current phone system. The provider manages a hosted PBX, so you’re dropping any hardware costs and the costs associated with maintaining the hardware. You don’t need to worry about significant up-front costs when switching to a hosted PBX. Pay a monthly fee per user and features and end surprise charges. The provider handles hardware upkeep and upgrades. 

Reliability Matters 

A traditional phone system is more susceptible to outages and downtime as it becomes obsolete. If you’re in an area prone to emergencies, like hurricanes, you could be without a phone system. Downtime is a killer.  

Uptime and Redundancy 

  • The hosted PBX provider is responsible for uptime, and they have built-in redundancy. If one of the servers goes down, another one kicks into action. Business operations continue as if nothing is happening.   
  • In case of an emergency, where you can’t get to the office, you still have access to your phone system thanks to a portal login or mobile app. 


  • There isn’t a CIO or business leader who isn’t worried about security right now. A hosted PBX system is secure because of the protocols and encryption methods implemented by the provider. They secure their systems and servers to protect against cyber threats, including spoofing, phishing, and call tampering.  
  • As a business, it’s also essential to implement your own cybersecurity measures to layer on for added security. 

Unitel and Your Hosted PBX System 

Say goodbye to big phone bills and multiple vendors. Enjoy a better communication experience with Unitel. No need to worry about installations, hardware maintenance, or clunky equipment. Our team handles it all. 

Contact us today, and let’s get you into a hosted PBX system that meets your business’s needs.