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Why Most of Our Clients are Using Our Hosted Products

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We always consult with each of our clients to find them the solution that works the best for their unique situation. It’s a numbers game to see what fits the needs and budget for each particular business. For most of our SMB clients, the right answer seems to be a hosted phone system. It’s not hard to see why either when you realize all of the benefits and cost savings a hosted system can provide your business. 

There’s a reason hosted systems are becoming an industry standard, and here are just a few of those reasons: 

  • Cost Savings – A hosted system comes with a lowered capital expense compared to on-premises systems. 
  • Extensive Features – You will have features that are much more extensive than traditional phone systems, allowing you to use your phones in a multitude of ways you never could before.  
  • Never Without Service – Unlike on-premises systems that can go away, a hosted one allows you to work anywhere regardless of the situation. 
  • Local Support – When you use one of our products, we can provide better support for your system. We send out our local technicians instead of having you calling some out of state call center; you’re not just a number to us.  

Those are just some of the benefits that make it such a common solution for so many businesses. Get some of our hosted products yourself and let your business reap the benefits that so many of our clients do.