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Workplace Flexibility: How A Cloud Phone System Makes It Happen

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Workplace flexibility. It’s more important to businesses now than ever before. Luckily, cloud-based phone systems are exactly what is needed to keep employees happy, boost productivity, and increase your bottom line. You can achieve these goals through flexibility in different areas of your business.  

Below we have listed a few areas that lend themselves to workplace flexibility when using a hosted PBXUnified Communications, or other cloud-based phone system.  

Voice, Video and Messaging 

The ultimate achievement in workplace flexibility is when your employees have options on how to collaborate with each other. It’s also wonderful when your customers have communication options too. Not only do cloud-based phone systems allow for voice features, but also video and messaging. This is particularly important for the growth of your company, as more and more people prefer messaging to voice calls.  


Local power outages do not affect cloud-based phone system service in the same ways as traditional solutions. When you use a cloud-based phone system, you don’t rely on the power grid. Your phone service is supported through the internet so as long as your mobile devices are charged up, work can be done through an application. Additionally, most solutions have geo-redundancy built right in, so if something goes wrong on their end, your communications are automatically swapped, and conversations continue seamlessly. 

Work From Anywhere 

With the pandemic shutdown of 2020, location flexibility was arguably one of the most important aspects of day-to-day business. Workers needed to access their work assets and work systems from home. One of the only ways this is possible is with a cloud-based solution.  

How is this possible? Cloud-based solutions have desk phones and web portals as well as mobile apps. You may be wondering if you must take those physical items with you to operate from home. The answer is no. With these solutions, you can use soft phones and mobile devices to access the systems. Basically, anywhere your device can access the internet, you can access the system.  

Another benefit of this system is that cell phone numbers are protected. If your workers are using their personal phones to access the mobile app, they can hide their personal information and present the company information. This is important for your employees’ safety as well as protects your business’s reputation. 

Device Options that offer Workplace Flexibility 

Cloud-based phone systems give ultimate workplace flexibility in that you are not tied to one specific phone model. You have the ability to choose which device best suits your business needs and budget. Even more exciting, you can choose different devices for different employees or departments in your company.  

When you differentiate which departments get which devices, you can end up saving your company lots of money. Especially if some users need advanced phones that support conferencing, while other users may just need basic functionality.  

Employee to Employee Communication  

Workplace flexibility is also assisted by the features of cloud-based system itself. For example, phone calls can be easily transferred between employees. Not only that, but call park, hold and forward are all features that make phone call transitions smooth.  

As calls get transferred and answered quickly, businesses improve their customer service. When you provide excellent customer service, you can expect an increase in customer loyalty.  

A Scalable System 

As your business grows and you add new employees, you will need to add devices. This is not an easy task if you do not have a cloud-based phone system. Traditional phone lines would need you to call the company, schedule a maintenance appointment and have workers come to install new lines. 

With a cloud-based system, to add users, you only need to supply them with a device that connects to the internet and you are a few clicks away from scaling. In the same manner, if you downsize your company, all you need to do is unplug that device and disable that user. This is an effective and efficient way to save your company money.  

You Can Offer Workplace Flexibility Too 

If you are ready to increase your workplace flexibility through a cloud-based phone system, Unitel is here for you. We know that your business has gone through a lot in the past year and a half. We are here for you and want to help you with your phone system. 

Our hosted PBX phone system will give your workplace the flexibility you need to successfully adjust quickly when needed. Contact us to get started today!