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Your 2022 Guide to Unified Communications as a Service

your 2022 guide to unified communications as a service

Are you still on the fence with this whole Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) thing? Do you still have a lot of questions as to how exactly a UCaaS solution is right for your business? In this guide, you will find key features and functions of a Unified Communications as a Service solution and how they can benefit your business.  

What is Unified Communications as a Service? 

Unified Communications as a Service is a cloud-based business communications solution that unites your communications avenues into one user-friendly platform.  

Business Benefitting Features of Unified Communications as a Service 

The key features of UCaaS are what really makes the solution a better choice for your business than past communications solutions. While there are many features that make UCaaS worth its weight in gold, reliability, scalability, and mobility are among the top features UCaaS has to offer.  

Reliability – When you use traditional forms of communication based on outdated systems, you run the risk of not having a reliable system. Power outages and general downtime can be an issue with communications run on phone lines. Internet-based communications have geo-redundant backup systems that can keep your communications up and running even during mass power outages. 

Scalability – Due to UCaaS service being delivered through the internet, the communications solution itself becomes very scalable. In order to add a user or a line, you may only need a few minutes and keyboard strokes to have them up and running. If you need to add another desk phone, you will not need to run extra lines. 

Mobility – UCaaS takes advantage of softphones and mobility, creating a true on-the-go communications solution. Your workers can download a mobile app, giving their chosen device access to your UCaaS solution. This means desk phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones can all be connected to your communications solution.  

This mobility gives your employees flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere. As a result, you can offer your employees the option to work remotely or as a hybrid work model, if you so choose.  

Basic Functions of Unified Communications as a Service 

At the extremely basic level, all UCaaS solutions combine these four functions. Many UCaaS solutions carry many more functions, but it is important for you to know the basic functionality. Most of these functions can not only be used within the office from associate to associate but also used externally with clients.  

Video – Video conferencing has become a staple for companies that support remote and hybrid workers. In order to promote collaboration among these workers that are often working miles apart, a connection was needed that made them feel like they were in the same room. Video conferencing allows workers to see each other in real-time, share documents, share screens, and message each other so real-time collaboration can take place.  

Voice – A UCaaS solution supports all voice functions of a phone system. Incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails, call routing, and call analytics are all included in a basic UCaaS solution, plus so much more!  

Messaging – There are two types of messaging that a UCaaS solution can support. Instant messaging between coworkers and SMS messaging to employees, coworkers, and customers. Both offer real-time deployment and are effective in getting results.  

Reporting – Reporting is a great function that helps managers and owners with important business decisions. With call reporting, you can learn when the heavy traffic times are for your company. This way you can staff accordingly in order to best serve your customers.  

Getting Started with Unified Communications as a Service  

Unitel is here to help you with your transition into a forward-thinking communications solution. Our unified communications solution has all the features and functions your business needs to flourish. Contact us today with any questions you may have about UCaaS solutions and how they can improve your business communications in 2022 and beyond!